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"Stout - Beautiful"
First and foremost, I must state that I am not a frequent cigar smoker, only a casual every-so-often cigar smoker. Let me begin, This cigar based off the title, is very stout., So, on with the actual review. Very full cigar here. I enjoyed this cigar on a nice breezy beautiful day outside, sitting down and taking in the beauty of this masterpiece. It is a very well constructed cigar, and has a very nice taste to it, consisting of a pepper/spice taste, as well as a nut/leather taste. Generally speaking, it had a very even taste throughout the whole cigar. I must also state that it burned very well and in a very even way. The aroma is very tolerable, tolerable enough to smoke around other people, and actually have other people that are enthusiasts of cigars comment on how well it smells for how full it is. Beautiful color throughout it, with some noticeable veins throughout the cigar, but nothing unappealing. Overall, this cigar is beautifully made. I really did enjoy this cigar. Very stout and full, but for me, that was exactly what I was looking for. This will be a for sure go-to for me, as it was very enjoyable for me. Gurkha East India Trading Company Rogue Bamboozle 6x60 Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano Binder: Ecuador Filler: Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, and Honduras.
CigarGuy in February 14, 2015
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