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Roly Bundles Reviews

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Roly Cetros
"Smooth flavorful won t empty the wallet."
Best value for the dollar bar none. Yes inconsistent in quality but if it is worrisome buy rocky Patel. As long as they are made they will be a top seller to the general population that know a good cigar. Don t expect beauty, expect the taste of a puros Indios in an Eco presentation wrapper.
Blackroze in Chicago August 4, 2014
Roly Churchill
"Nooooo........ Please don t go ROLY!"
I m truly sad to see the Roly brand go. They may not have been a great cigars. But they were a very good cigars. And finding a inexpensive good cigar these days are rare.
Steve in Iowa February 22, 2014
Roly Cetros
"Great Taste and Value."
One of the best values out there. Mild taste with a bit of vanilla and nuts. Draw is a little tight.
Keith in USA September 15, 2013
Roly Cetros
Ok for the price. Had a little uneven burn, but 25 bucks for 20 sticks not bad.
Jeremiah in Oklahoma city August 24, 2013
Roly Torpedo
"Taste Good, Pathetically Rolled"
This is a result of sometimes you get what you pay for. Tasted decent but really horribly rolled.
swillard in Vancouver, WA August 19, 2013
Roly Cetros
"Excellent cigars for the great price"
Great tasting stick that burns well. Great cigar for the beginner.
Tommy B. in California July 30, 2013
Roly Robusto
"Disappointed in Bundle"
I originally got some of these in a 20 for $20 sampler and liked them, so I picked up a bundle on Friday in the Forks Twsp Store. Well, that was where I went wrong. I placed them in my Humi and decided on one mid day today. The bundle does not offer protection and therefore many of the sticks are just unsmokeable due to damage on the foot. Most are just crushed, torn, or broken on the foot, since there was no box to protect them. Smoking one I tried to cover the tear, and got some smoke, but the draw was so bad, I tried another, same issue?I guess you get what you pay for, but I can not see purchasing a bundle again and have to consider purchasing from FMS.
Rich in Easton, PA June 23, 2013
Roly Churchill
"Good, not great."
I play golf and this cigar is enjoyable for 8-9 holes. Not as good as the Cusano M1, but a nice inexpensive alternative. Good draw but packed loose.
Jim Thompson in Goose Cr, S. Carolina June 11, 2013
Roly Robusto
"Enjoyable Mild Smoke"
I like this mild/med robusto for a change from a Full body smoke. If I m short on time and have to abandon this very inexpensive cigar, that s OK. Good taste but loose or soft construction. Still good to have on hand.
Jim Thompson in Goose Cr, S.Carolina June 11, 2013
Roly Torpedo
"Not too shabby for the price"
Bought a 3-pack, let them settle in the humi for a week. The first one was a bit too dry yet, but still satisfying, especially the draw (big smoke, which is important to me). The taste of the second, after two weeks in the humi was even better, and after almost three weeks, the third was very good in light of the cost. The construction was a bit looser than is desired, and burn was somewhat uneven in all three. That being said, its a solid hour smoke, decent taste, recommended for the medium-to-bold smoker.
B from GA in Georgia May 26, 2013
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