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Roly Bundles Reviews

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Roly Torpedo
"Not too shabby for the price"
Bought a 3-pack, let them settle in the humi for a week. The first one was a bit too dry yet, but still satisfying, especially the draw (big smoke, which is important to me). The taste of the second, after two weeks in the humi was even better, and after almost three weeks, the third was very good in light of the cost. The construction was a bit looser than is desired, and burn was somewhat uneven in all three. That being said, its a solid hour smoke, decent taste, recommended for the medium-to-bold smoker.
B from GA in Georgia May 26, 2013
Roly Rothschild
"not bad"
This is not a bad cigar at all, at least not for the price. The burn is great. Draw is very good and taste is not too shabby. Great for a daily smoke.
Caleb in Granby. mo March 31, 2013
Roly Churchill
"cigar man"
This is a great cigar for the money nice draw long smoke nice white ash I have found no cons in this cigar and I will be buy this cigar again
dan in hanover March 29, 2013
Roly #4
"Love them!"
These cigars vary from bundle to bundle, but on the whole they are very tasty medium body smoke that won't hurt your wallet. Success to Rolando! (RIP)
John in Palm City, FL February 16, 2013
Roly Robusto
"I keep coming back"
I have tried quite a few cheaper cigars looking for an inexpensive daily smoke. I keep coming back to these ROLYs. The naturals are mild and creamy with a great aroma. The construction is sometimes rather loose, and the appearance is sloppy, but they taste great at a great price.
Ty in Buford, Ga February 4, 2013
Roly Rothschild
Got two of these in a cheap sampler pack a friend got me. Only 2 in the pack are worth smoking, even as a yard-gar, thus far (have smoked 7 of the 10 varieties). This is the lesser of the two. If it was a dollar a stick, I might buy a few for a busy smoke. Going to leave the 2nd one in the humi for a while and see of it improves. Flavor is acceptable, great draw. Terrible burn and ash, fairly shoddy construction.
Adam in Texas January 27, 2013
Roly #4
"not worth the effort"
This cigar was not worth the effort to smoke. It had no draw what so ever even using a punch cutter. I received these in the mega sampler, now I know why there were 10 inculded 5 natural and 5 maduro save your money also the first Cosechero maduro kept going out and tunneled worse than the Bronx Express. Stay away from the larger samplers.
angelo in new york December 27, 2012
Roly Cetros
"A Great Cigar, for a Great Price"
This Cigar is not only a good cigar, but a great cigar, that will not break the Bank! You can not go wrong with this Brand!!!!
Dennie London in Munfordville, Ky December 27, 2012
Roly Cetros
"Very Nice!"
This is a very cigar for the price. I expected it to be quite bland and harsh because of the price, but this was a wonderful surprise. It has a wonderful even burn with nice flavor and aroma. The flavored were of sweet tobacco, and nuts with a smooth leather finish. The aroma is very nice with a sweet and flowery character that I normally experience with much more expensive cigars. It's not a Carlos Torano, Montecristo or Partagas, but it definitely holds its own for a budget cigar. Highly recommended
Brian in Vallejo, California November 26, 2012
Roly Robusto
"Cheap filler"
Got one sample in a package deal with some great smokes in it. This was not one of them. The natural wrapper has a tiny hint of spice. That is all. Even burn, volumous smoke, but I've found far more enjoyable sticks at this price point.
Surf daddy Rob in Paradise Beach FL July 7, 2012
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