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Roly Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Asi asi."
This cigar is so-so in the beginning, maduro taste and aroma, but the last two inches is nothing to be desired. The cigar gets hot and hits you with a serious bite as you get down to the end. At this point it takes on a bad aftertaste. Your better off putting it out and chewing the last two inches.
Rev. J in Seymour, CT. March 20, 2008
"Terrible if not Worst cigar I've tasted"
The absolute WORST cigar I have ever tried, needed mothwash for two days, my lighter ran out of fuel from trying to keep it lit and the cigar burned like a piece of paper.
Joe in Florida May 16, 2007
I think I may have left the cellophane on when I lit this bad boy up.
Mark in Hicktown, MI October 13, 2006
"One of the best cigars on the market!"
I have smoked the various types of Roly cigars and haven't had a bad one yet. I have tried many brands of cigars over the years and have settled on the Roly. They are a great cigar and definitely my favorite. Being a "second" doesn't affect its quality...just makes it a more affordable cigar for smoking everyday.
Douglas H. Sowards in CO September 30, 2006
"Good Value For What It Is."
I was skeptical about this cigar. I got it as part of a sampler about 6 months ago and I bet I've passed it up at least 30 times for something a bit more "mainstream". For the past couple of weeks, I've been going through the humi smoking some of the "why the heck did I buy this anyway" residents. This one is probably the biggest surprise of the bunch! The cigar burned well, drew effortlessly, produced nice white ash and actually held a decent flavor. It was a little one-dimensional in taste but it wasn't bad. Given the price on this one, it delivered good value. It's a good yard or golf gar and a great alternative for when you don't want to break out a more expensive cigar.
Boxtakilla in Broken Arrow, OK September 24, 2006
"A mouthful of loose chippings of tobacco"
Very little taste of flavours but when clipped perfectly they do give a mouthful of chopped chippings of leftover tobacco that made these things. Smoking for the sake of it again ...
CreekEnd in UK August 23, 2006
"Great taste, miserable construction"
This cigar has a suprisingly good taste but the burn is consistently atrocious. If you are willing to tolerate this cigar's lousy burn and butt-ugliness for the sake of good taste at a rock-bottom price this is a good cigar. I, however, will not make that sacrifice again. I would rather spend an extra $15 on a bundle of Flor de Olivas or B-lines.
Mike D in Allentown, PA November 7, 2005
"Consistantly inconsistant"
I have tried several bundles (7 or so) over the past few months. What started out as a great smoke has gone down hill over the last 3 bundles. Approx. 50% burn right down the center...wrapper burns much slower than the "leaves" rolled inside. Speaking of the rolling.....numerous soft spots and some that wont draw at all. I might try them again in the future but quality control, or lack of it, turned an initaially good deal into a risk even at these low prices.
Gary Maloney in Buzzards Bay MA August 31, 2005
Let me spend my money on these. I LOVE these cigars. I could chain smoke these things. Go buy something else.
Jimmy Hines in Calabasas, Ca. August 31, 2005
"Great smoke"
For the price, these smokes are the best value going. Higly recommend as an every day cigar. Great smoke for the price.
Mike Howell in Groton, CT July 1, 2005
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