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Romeo Reserva Real Maduro Reviews

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RYJ Reserva Real Toro
Its a nice smoke but it is the Montecristo Reserva Negra with a different band. Altaldis is pulling the ole switcheroo.
Phil in NJ in New Jersey October 30, 2013
RYJ Reserva Real Robusto
Do you ever smoke a cigar and just go, "mmm, nice."? Well, this is definately one of those cigars.
Doug in Arkansas November 2, 2012
RYJ Reserva Real Robusto
"Tightly wrapped decent smoke"
This was purchased as a recommendation by an employee at a brick and mortar as a good smoke. It was decent at the light and in the first third with a heavy smoke and decent light sweetness but after that it was a disappointment. It was wrapped so tight the draw was a struggle. I would say it was more full than medium. Overall ive had better. Also burned uneven
Jorian in Orlando, FL July 25, 2012
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