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Romeo Y Julieta 1875 Bully Reviews [view details]

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"Best value/price"
Can`t do better. Value/price exceptional. One third the price of the awful Cohiba robusto. Go for it !
James D in Miami January 22, 2012
"A very enjoyable smoke"
I have found myself saying "mmmm mmmmmm" while smoking a Bully, especially towards the end. A great finish to a great cigar.
AJ in Brooklyn August 19, 2011
"Worthy of Its Name"
Overall this is a great cigar. Appearance and draw were solid. Strong leather, wood and floral flavors were present throughout. Very similar to its Cuban cousin. I would recommend this cigar to anyone looking for a solid cigar at a reasonable price.
James M. in Cincinnati April 5, 2011
"Nice cigar- Keep a few in the humi at all times!"
This is a very nice cigar. Burns nice, draws nice, tastes nice. Keep them around for the daily smoke.
Matthew Wells in Massachusetts November 15, 2010
"Great daily smoke"
A great daily smoke that will not break your budget. Try it in the Toll Free Sampler:
Mattybumpo in Massachusetts November 1, 2010
"Great cigar for the price"
I usually pull these out when the guys come over to hang out and everyone, from the novice smoker to the more experienced, enjoys this cigar.
bigssa in South Carolina September 30, 2010
"Great Cigar!"
I really enjoyed this cigar. I've smoked 2 of these and Iiked them both. I had uneven burns at the start of each cigar that evened out later in the smoke. I had some small unraveling near the half way point but the taste and volume of smoke was great. When I got to the end of the cigar I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of pepper! Wow!! This cigar is a keeper even with is short comings. Cant wait for my next purchase!
eb98brown in MI May 16, 2010
"great cigar, great value"
excellent cigar at a real nice price. these are very consistent, quite tasty, well-constructed, and nice draw. the torpedos are good as well, but the bullys have a much better draw and better burn from my experience.
~t in berkeley, ca January 9, 2010
"My favorite"
Among my favorites...priced for an everyday smoke
Mike in Virginia March 17, 2009
"Not so good if you tried Cuban RYJ...."
Not worth a smoke, I just tried one right of the pack, not good ash, taste is way off compare to the Cuban stuff. don't feel like somking a RYJ at all..
Fisherman in Toronto July 17, 2008
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Poor - Excellent

10 Construction (86) 100
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