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Romeo Y Julieta 1875 Bully Reviews [view details]

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"Average but still good."
This was my third cigar of the day and it went well with beer. These are always good. Not great but good.
Yoop in Oklahoma May 1, 2008
"Best Cigar - Hands down!"
In my opinion, the 5 x 50 cigar is best size in cigars. And there is none better than the Romeo Y Julieta Bully. This has been my favorite cigar since I began smoking cigars. Why pay 5 bucks or more for a comparable cigar, when you can smoke a better cigar (Bully) for under 3 bucks? When it comes to taste, structure, draw, and burn, this is the best cigar - hands down!
Jim in Indianapolis April 12, 2008
"A damn fine cigar"
If you like the Reserva Real... then you will really like this little gem. Silky smooth from end to end with just a light spice. Every time I light one of these, I find myself saying "This is a damn fine cigar" My only complaint... they just dont last long enough. Enjoy...
M Nicks in Minneapolis February 22, 2008
Outstanding smoke on a cold day.
Johnny "Bag of Donuts" in Chicago January 24, 2008
"Decent Smoke"
I ordered a 5 pack from Famous; not a bad price either. The first half inch of this cigar was making me think that I wasted what little money I actually spent; talk about a disappointment. After six or seven puffs, the cigar began to build and turned into a nice experience. The burn could have been a little better, but some aging in a humidor should fix this. The build was perfect and the draw was even better. If the rest from the sample pack get better with age, I will certainly buy a box. This was the first non Cuban RyJ I have tried, and has a lot to live up to.
Brian in Kentucky November 22, 2007
"good stuff"
this cigar is fantastic , totally worth the price !
sil in new york November 6, 2007
"Less than mediocre taste. I expected better."
Bought a Bully 5-pack as a treat. I expected better.
Denmark Jerry in Minnesota October 11, 2007
"R & J Bully's Are The Bomb"
I've smoked alot of cigars and I just keep coming back to Romeo And Julietas. Yes, every once in awhile i get a bad one in the box but overall they are well constructed, solid ash, terrific notes and you can't beat the price. My humidor will always have a box or two. Writing from Jupiter, Florida
Christopher W. in Palm Beach County, Florida August 25, 2007
"consistant with any Cuban RJY"
An excellent cigar, with semi rich/spicy after taste, not at all bitter. even and easy draw consistant to the last 1/4. great value, have smoked one with coffee and also dry red wine works well with both
Don in Brisbane Australia July 30, 2007
"A real bargin"
I love these cigars! While they are really more on the medium-strong side, they are wonderfully complex (I will spare you the hints of nutmeg and whatever shit). There really is a lot going on in this cigar. One of the best values I have run across.
Tony in Wisconsin July 27, 2007
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10 Appearance (89) 100
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10 Taste (86) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Construction (86) 100
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