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Romeo y Julieta 1875 Reserve Maduro #4 Reviews [view details]

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"Not bad!"
Good draw, good amount of smoke for a skinny cigar. Nice ash, nice construction, good burn time. Flavor is a bit nutty and leathery. Smooth for that flavor (in my limited experience), but probably not for me again (I prefer a creamy cigar). Probably a good value if you're into this type of flavor.
BMW in PA July 31, 2013
"The Draw was bad!"
The taste was good but the draw was really bad! Coould hardly light it up and gotta relight it. Disappointed..
Kenny in MN September 8, 2011
"Well worth the $$, better than Cohiba Blacks...."
I've done Padron 64s & Cohiba Blacks but these RJ Maduro Coronas were more enjoyable to me. Full flavored with a nice even burn, this cigar never got harsh even down to the label but could have been a Tad Sweeter. I'll try the Reserve Maduro next if they Lower the price.
Stephen M. in Sunrise, Florida May 8, 2009
"Taste needs some improvement"
Everything about this smoke is almost perfect except for taste, needs some improvements. Not what I was expecting.
Fred in SoCal February 7, 2009
"Surprisingly Bad"
Yes, the draw is horrible, but the taste is actually very bland as well. They look as if they are going to have all this rich maduro flavor, but the end up tasting like wet earth.
Gil in Boston September 30, 2008
"Beautiful, but rank"
Beautiful little black cigar w/ black band. Smelled of very deep rich chocolate before lighting. It was also tightly packed (easy to clip) but the draw was hard and off center and required constant correction. The first few puffs were interesting, with a chocolate, oily flavor. But it just got more and more bitter and somewhat rank. I threw it away after the first two inches.
Overworked in CA April 10, 2006
"A maduro for a maduro lover."
I fell in love with this maduro on the first puff. Yes, the draw is a little tight, but it can be overcome by using a drill or punch. The strength is full but not overwhelming. I find smaller maduros to be more enjoyable than most larger maduros. Between this and the comparably sized Onyx, the Maduro reserva is smoother, the onyx has more body. The Maduro is not a cigar for the beginner or the timid, but this is a good smoke for those who enjoy a full flavored experience.
Mike Hilbert in Iowa January 18, 2006
"Good cigar, tough draw however."
This was a good cigar with a terrific flavor. It had a great aroma and burnt evenly all the way through. The draw, however, was a little tough. I picked up a single at my favorite cigar shop but I don't think the price is worth it. I thought the Olor Fuerte is a better deal and is just as good, if not better.
Jason in Louisiana May 3, 2005
"New meaning to "sucks""
Bought a 5 pack from auction. I smoked one and will have to give myself 6 months before I try another since this was the worst cigar I've smoked yet. The draw was worse than on a fresh jack-in-the-box chocolate shake through a cocktail straw. I couldnt finish the smoke because I wasn't sure if I had enough Advil at home to deal with the headache.
Jeff in Honolulu, HI December 24, 2004
"Full-Bodied and flavorful with a smooth finish."
This wonderful full-bodied cigar is rich and has a smooth non-bitter finish. The aroma is delightful and I love the way the white ash contrasts with the maduro wrapper. My very favorite Romeo Y Julieta Cigar by far.
Gary Milzer, MD in Denver, Colorado October 4, 2004
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10 Appearance (94) 100
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10 Taste (90) 100
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10 Construction (88) 100
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