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Romeo Y Julieta 1875 Romeos (10) Reviews [view details]

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I agree about the packing/drawing of these cigars. I purchased some in town here and DID NOT have that problem. You need to have a steam roller go over them to draw half way decent. But they taste great..
Ron in WISCONSIN January 2, 2012
"Rolled Too Tight"
These little cigars are rolled far too tight and have a terrible draw. The taste is excellent, but I would stay away until they resolve this issue.
Alodus in Fairfield, CT October 11, 2011
"Very, very good!"
These are some of the bet smokes I've had. The taste is amazing, the draw is smooth and the build is strong. Cons: The consistency isn't so good and the burn is almost never even. Over all, the smoke is very enjoyable. great cigars for a a great price.
CE in Idaho September 13, 2011
Usually, I smoke three of a cigar before I rate them, since I threw up after the first one I smoked, I will rate it now. Horrible little smoke, I am never going to touch another.
Smith in SD July 23, 2011
"One of the WORST cigars I've smoked"
Sure it burns even. Sure it looks fine. Sure the tobacco tastes like quality tobacco. Don't expect to be able to draw on this cigar unless your lungs are a 10amp Hoover Vacuum. I bought 50 of these cigars to give as gifts. After I gave them out I opened two packs for myself and I literally haven't come across a single one that draws like a normal cigar. A horrible smoke.
YT in PA May 22, 2010
"Better Flavor Then Most"
I have been trying a bunch of small cigars of late, and this one has the best flavor so far of all the ones I've tried. Its a kinda tough draw for the first half of the cigar and then gets easier as you near the mid point. Aroma and tastes are the best qualities.
James in Concord, NH October 27, 2009
"A good cigar gone bad!"
I have been a long time buyer and for years have enjoyed this "one martini" cigar for many years. Recent purchases have been very disappointing. Their appears to be lot of inconsistency in the manufacturing process. Many of the cigars are rolled so poorly that they had to be discarded. Nothing worse than a cigar that does not draw easily without using maximum lung power just to keep it lit. Sad to say " I have purchased my last tin of these smokes."
Mr. Mike in CT September 19, 2009
"Thin wrapper- tears easily, tough draw, good taste"
Super thin wrapper- tears easily, tough draw. Good taste, just not what i expected from a Romeo Y Julieta. Good price.
Chris in Norman, OK April 25, 2008
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10 Construction (69) 100
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