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Romeo Y Julieta 1875 Rothschild En Tubo Reviews [view details]

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"Decent flavor, bad construction"
The flavor of this cigar was pleasant, nothing to really talk about though. Basic mild cigar. The construction however was terrible. Cracked the whole time I smoked it and only progressively got worse. I hope I just got a bad stick..
Caleb in Pennsylvania April 5, 2013
I thought this was a great cigar. I was given this as a gift 2 months ago and have been passing it up for other choices in my inventory. What a mistake this is now one of my top five cigars. Great flavors and just intoxicating to smoke. I can not wait to try my other sticks from this company.
Scott in Rochester, NY February 15, 2012
"Pretty Good"
It's a great cigar. Its mild, not too much spice, and has a almond/cedar taste to it. The tubo gives it a classy look. It's a good end of the day cigar.
Chris in New Jersey October 2, 2011
I was excited to try this one from my local tobacconist - whom I consider very knowledgeable, thus I don't think it was poorly looked after. The tubo was sleek and attractive. The cigar's aroma was also very sweet. It was disappointing however that the cigar started to canoe and I had to readjust multiple times. Eventually, even before the last third, I just gave up and let it die. It didn't feel worth it to pursue a canoeing, bitter cigar. At least I get a sleek tube!
Juan in San Jose, CA December 23, 2009
After all the glowing reviews I had read here I couldn't wait to try one. I had received it in a sampler pack and was certain to let it relax in my humidor for 2 months. I was highly disappointed. The draw was good, but the burn was terrible and uneven with awful canoeing all the way through. I also found the flavor to be horribly bitter. Perhaps I just got a bad stick.
Jason in Louisiana June 3, 2005
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