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Romeo y Julieta Havoc Fat Churchill Reviews [view details]

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"Excellent cigar for the $$$$"
Excellent cigar for the $$$$, great taste, consistently great burn! Go for it and take a chance.
Patrick Garrity in Massachusetts January 22, 2014
"Not impressed"
The taste and aroma of this cigar was good. It has a mild flavor that did get a little stronger towards the end. However, it burned unevenly the entire time. Also, it felt like it was not wrapped very well, by gently pinching it I could tell it was very loose. Also, when taking a draw I could feel the heat on my finger tips and in the smoke. Overall I'm disappointed with this one. I bought the "test flight" w/ six and we save the remaining 4 and just burn them when I want the aroma only.
AJ in La March 29, 2013
"Disappointing Cigar"
Save your $. Bought a box of Fat Churchills and smoked half so far. They look nice, draw okay and light easily, but keeping them on an even burn is a constant battle. I gave them a high rating for consistency because they consistently burn poorly. The taste is mild, but they do pick up in strength as they smoke down (Duh!) and then start to get a bit too sour near the end. What a shame...
Joe in San Diego, CA September 13, 2012
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