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Romeo y Julieta House of Capulet Robusto Reviews [view details]

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The most disapointing smoke ever. I was thinking a new R%26J would be a good stick at a fair price, but this was dry, tasteless actually, it had the taste of an old ashtray , and burned fast. The only good aspect was the draw.
John in Cape Cod Mass August 5, 2014
"Not bad"
I first tried the House of Montague a while back and was severely disappointed. Got half way through it and put it down. Now trying the Capulet I had low expectations. It s actually not bad. I can t say I didn t enjoy smoking it. Not a bad mild cigar to kick back with on your patio during a spring day. If someone passed me one of these I wouldn t be opposed to it.
Griff in Livermore, CA March 14, 2014
"Never again"
What a disgusting cigar, no favour, and sickly. I will never be getting these again.
Douglas in New Zealand February 11, 2014
"Newbie smoker s cigar"
Excellent Burn and draw, but a very mild, almost flavorless stick.
David in Rodriguez January 2, 2014
"Nice solid smoke."
I received this cigar as a promo item with my order. It s always nice when someone gives you a free cigar, so I tried it. I won't get into all the intricacies of the cigar, but I did enjoy it. I am a 1 cigar a day smoker, and try many new brands and sizes. I would put it at mild to medium, with a nice draw and burn. The flavor was consistent with other Romeo cigars I ve had, with hints of coffee, nut, and cocoa. The price point is right for the quality cigar it is. I recommend it.
Michael in Sarasota December 1, 2013
"Good 3-4 dollar mild taste cigar."
Good mild cigar for 3-4 dollars. Not a lot of taste but If you are looking for a mild complement not to overpower what you are drinking it's a good choice. Enjoyed a sample with a SA White Christmas white ale.
William in Kingsport November 12, 2013
"Not much flavor"
Received as a sample. Construction and draw are good, but flavor is not there. Like smoking a drug-store chopped filler stogie.
Jim in California November 4, 2013
"Thank you for nothing."
You must be kidding with the RyJ's ,? I hope you are ?.They are disgusting. No taste,no nothing. Guy , Calvisson, France
Guy in Calvisson, France October 17, 2013
"Good fun"
Got one as a sample. Nice looking cigar with some prominent veins. Outer wrapper just slid off with no damage to the cigar. Pre draw: sweet, spicy taste with very light draw. After lighting it up, better draw but un-even burn for the 1/4 that although corrected itself. Pleasant stick overall with sweet taste and mild spice. Not a bad afternoon smoke.
Rodolfo D. in Melbourne, Australia October 14, 2013
"Well Made Cigar"
I really enjoyed these RyJ's. It's a nice looking cigar. The draw was good and I didn't feel any bitterness. I didn't have any problems with the paper wrapper also. I wish it was a little bit cheaper. Good everyday cigar (as long as the price goes down).
Pete in NYC October 7, 2013
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