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Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Reviews

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Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real #2
"Mild, but enjoyable"
I have to disagree with the item description; this cigar is by all means a mild smoke. The flavor profile, as others have stated, is not a complex one. Very little flavor on the start develops into cedar with floral aromas and a good bit of pepper. Somewhat tight on the draw. Great burn and construction. Best ash I've developed in a while. Overall, I have to concur that this is a beginner's smoke, but a fairly good one.
Tim H in Pittsburgh, PA March 18, 2013
Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Magnum
"Great cigar"
This is one of my favs. Easy draw, even burn, great taste.
Gary in Kansas City December 9, 2012
Romeo y Julieta New Baby Reserva Real It's a Boy "Romeo"
"Just Thinking..."
Chances are, a lot of these boxes are bought for the special occasion. Do you think that the fact that some guy has recently brought a baby boy into the world has anything to do with the high rating of these 'gars?
Mike_T in Connecticut November 10, 2012
Romeo Y Julieta Reserva Real Robusto
"Fine smoke, beginner flavors"
Beautiful cigar, fine construction, perfect slow burn. All good there. Flavors not very complex, but a nice complement to a sugary bourbon drink or a big buttery chardonnay. I'll keep these in my collection for sure, as the QPR is high, the consitencey is spot on and I'm never disappointed. Solid 90 point smoke. Enjoy.
brobes in Agoura Hills, CA September 30, 2012
Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Lonsdale
Very smooth, good burn, good smoke. I will always have these in my humidor.
Scott in MIchigan August 15, 2012
Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Magnum
"Great Smoke"
Being relatively new to cigars, I gave the Magnum a try. It is beautifully constructed, the draw is very smooth, and the taste is consistent throughout. A very good cigar.
Brian in Apopka, FL July 2, 2012
Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Churchill
"Delicate and Pleasant"
Delicate flavor and pretty well constructed. I did have a small flip up of leaf on this one I am smoking now but the others are perfect. Its pleasant to smoke. Not a crazy amount of flavor in this one but its a nice wind down after work smoke. Has a nice tobacco flavor with a slight sweetness to it. Clean even burn and nice plumes of smoke. I give it an 88/100
Ian in Columbus,OH June 29, 2012
Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Short Belicoso
"Great Looking and Nice Smoke"
The Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Short Belisco was a really nice looking cigar. I was very excited to fire one of these little bad boys up after ordering a five pack from Famous Smoke. Appearance alone on these cigars is spectacular. Just a well made, great looking wrapper and size. Upon lighting the cigar there were definite tastes of cream. Not my favorite flavor, but the aroma was awesome. The smoke and draw were PERFECT. A little hot towards the end which gave off some slightly harsh earthy tones. Overall, a well rounded cigar and one to enjoy if you have about 35 minutes or so.
Tony in TEXAS May 20, 2012
Romeo y Julieta Reserve Real Petit Robusto
"harsh sickening"
i have had 3 boxes of these over the last couple years and the first one was good, alot of flavor good aroma and smoke out put. second one was to say the least mediocre and i thought maybe it was just a fluke. bought another box and it is harsh, makes me sick easily,smell is bad and draw is tight. if i didnt know better id swear the blend has changed. stay away from these.
mike in saranac lake ny April 2, 2012
Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Lonsdale
"Just okay"
Great burning and smoking cigar , but did not have the flavor I was looking for
Don B in VA February 4, 2012
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