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Romeo y Julieta Reserve Real Petit Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"harsh sickening"
i have had 3 boxes of these over the last couple years and the first one was good, alot of flavor good aroma and smoke out put. second one was to say the least mediocre and i thought maybe it was just a fluke. bought another box and it is harsh, makes me sick easily,smell is bad and draw is tight. if i didnt know better id swear the blend has changed. stay away from these.
mike in saranac lake ny April 2, 2012
"Handsome, Mild Cigar"
First of all, like all the R&J's I've smoked, this is a well made cigar with a beautiful, smooth wrapper and near-perfect cap. I was drawn to this size (4 1/4") in my search for 30-40 minute cigars I can enjoy during my commute and other times when you can't spend over an hour to enjoy a quality cigar. At 54, the ring gauge allows lots of flavor and thick white smoke that most of us cigar guys crave. I'll admit it was a bit mild for my taste, but only because I mainly smoke maduros and double maduros (oscuro wrapper). But there are times when a milder smoke hits the spot and this is one little fatty I'm happy to recommend. This will remind you of a Macanudo gold label, but priced less with equal quality and a unique size.
John in Sunrise Beach, Texas November 28, 2007
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