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Romeo y Julieta Reserve Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"tasty cigar but inconsistant"
I gave these a shot as they were on sale for 88 bucks a box which is almost half of the list price. My guess is there is a reason and wouldnt pay much more than that for these. Overall the smoke is tasty and flavors are good but they have construction problems. Id say about 10 out of the box either tunneled or had internal buring or downright had no draw. I wanted to like these but found halfway thru the box giving them away to people. After all with what I paid its about 3.50 a stick. I will not buy these again they are just not very well made. They look nice though lol
jim in nj September 24, 2012
"Smooth flavor, easy clean smoke. All good"
Nice cigar. Great construction, smooth light body smoke with excellent aroma
Robert in Suffolk VA September 9, 2012
Bought a 5 pack, the first one was great. I lit the second and it lit in the middle for half the cigar, was not happy. I have 3 more Ill let you know.
dave schwolow in Arkansas September 20, 2011
"My new favorite"
I really enjoyed these cigars, but was surprised it's rated as "full body" when it seam a bit less to me. This is one of my new favorites because of the price-quality ratio.
Dave in Dallas June 15, 2011
"Fantastic cigar"
Really great cigar, easy draw smooth stays lit. One of my favorites
cajuncigarhound in Louisian May 29, 2011
"Compete with Cuaba"
This cigar in the Robusto size is definitely on the high level. one of the best mild to medium cigar with good flavor, aroma, great construction and made??. It can easily compete with Cuaba (the Cuban brand), though Cuaba tastes better. That means total satisfaction with quality and price.
Payman K. Afaghi in Stuttgart May 20, 2011
"Great everyday cigar."
I've only been smoking cigars for about 2 months, but these are definitely my new favorite. Great construction, smooth burn to the end, and no bitterness to speak of. The flavor of the tobacco itself is sweet and spicy and the smoke is delicious. The best non-Cuban I've had, hands down.
Eric in CHicago October 9, 2010
"what smoke"
Fine very fine cigar indeed...would strongly recommend this cigar to any who wish a pleasant cigar high. Burns so smooth to the end that I nearly burnt my thump...such a good smoke....light it up and watch the heads turn....fire it up and you lady won't give back.
Phil in Columbia April 29, 2010
Loosely packed,canoe d,flavor one dimensional. Was looking forward to a great cigar but it was just run of the mill! Famous bundles provide better smokes.
DocRx in wall,nj February 25, 2009
"Succulent and Savory"
One of my favorite smokes! Complex flavor with plenty of quality tobacco taste. Slightly sweet. Has no bitterness whatsoever. Perfect everday smoke for morning noon or night.
Tom in Oklahoma August 4, 2008
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10 Consistency (87) 100
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10 Draw (86) 100
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10 Appearance (92) 100
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10 Taste (90) 100
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10 Construction (90) 100
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