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Romeo y Julieta Reserve Toro Reviews [view details]

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"Go to smoke"
A delicious cigar. Just what I d expect from romeo y julieta. Smooth and creamy with a perfect draw and beautiful construction. I ve never been disappointed in 25 years with this brand. I could be wrong but this one tastes like the tobacco came from Placencia s farm. Reminded me so much of a placencia cigar which I love and havent smoked in years.
Will in New York October 2, 2014
"Just ordered a second box"
Will always have these on hand. Very smooth and enjoyable.
Michael in Syracuse, NY April 24, 2012
"Creme de la Nutt"
This ones a mouthful. Creamy, nutty and stays that way. Very pleasant aroma, pretty mild with a little bite. Its a challenge to finish if your doing things while your smoking it. Burned a long time nice construction..gave her up when Id had enough. Good weekend smoke got tired of it but overall a nice mild biggy.
Chris in Milwaukee November 4, 2011
"Great taste, but..."
Really liked the flavor, but it went out on me a few times for no good reason. Also did not burn even. Perhaps a construction problem with this one cigar.
Greg in West Chester, PA July 19, 2011
Great taste, but it went out on me a few times for no good reason. Wrapper also flaked a bit, and the burn was a little uneven. Perhaps less than optimal construction on one cigar. Will probably buy another - got this one with the special $29 sampler.
in July 19, 2011
"Bad Cigar"
The burn was very poor and uneven, outside wrapper flaked off.
Nicholas in Los Angeles November 26, 2010
"My Favorite Cigar"
By far this is my favorite cigar. The taste is everything I like. It has Nuts,Cedar,Cream. I believe this cigar is a med-full. RyJ says it's full, it doesn't matter, I love it. The only other brand that comes close for me are the Chateau Real Noble Habana by Drew Estates.5.2x54. You can't go wrong buying the RyJ Habana Toro or Churchill. These are the only 2 sizes i've had.
Frank in Steeler Country July 5, 2010
"Just Fantastic!"
This is now my favorite cigar,the RJ Habano. I love the taste,great draw,lots of smoke. A great all around cigar.
Frank B in PA December 6, 2009
"Excellent (but not full)"
I smoked this within hours of the UPS delivery. The draw was perfect! I wouldn?t call this a Full-Bodied cigar, however (which is OK, I think it?s more medium, MAYBE Medium to Full at the end, but not Full). The cigar was smooth and great tasting. The only thing bad about it was that it burned my fingers at the end trying to get the last puffs!)
David in Fort Lauderdale June 21, 2009
"terrible cigar"
I read several of the great reviews and one poor one about this cigar and decided to give it a try. I should have listened to the poor one. While the cigar is well made and looks good, the draw and taste was terrible. I returned the box after smoking two of them. Do yourself a favor and pass on this one.
allan in oregon June 20, 2009
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