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Romeo Y Julieta Vintage Reviews

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Romeo Y Julieta Vintage #3
"Veeery Smoooth Smoke"
R% & J Vintage III is a very smooth smoke. Mild, yet flavorful taste, easy draw, even burn. Doesn't get hot at the end. Looks good and smells good. People have stopped and asked about my smoke.
Chuck in Kuwait October 9, 2014
Romeo Y Julieta Vintage #3
Not impressed at all by this one if I wanted the flavor I would have bought Marlboro reds
cody in south central il May 19, 2013
Romeo Y Julieta Vintage #3
"Great Stick"
I ordered two boxes of these online for Christmas and am very satisfied. I was assured a humidor but instead revived a humidified cabinet (which I am not pleased with) but the cigars are great. I usually smoke RyJ Churchill in Tubo or Maduro cigars but this cigar had a very good combination of flavor. Spicy notes with a leathery finish. Great with Macallan Scotch
Carlo Diaz in Miami, FL March 28, 2013
Romeo Y Julieta Vintage Corona
"Astounding cigar..."
With an amazing mellow smoke, perfect draw, appearance and burn, this RyJ has everything you want in a quality cigar. Even the box and glass tubes these come in are fantastic quality, nothing less is expected from these guys. The taste and construtcion are unmatched by a majority of other brands out there. The wrapper from Ecuador is an amazing touch to this near perfect cigar.
Jason July 15, 2012
Romeo Y Julieta Vintage #3
"Smooth Taste and Great Smoke!"
The RyJ Vintage #3 is a GREAT cigar. Always great smoke, great draw, and beautiful construction. The color and appearance of the cigar is alluring. I consider this cigar medium bodied. I have smoke over a dozen of these and have bought boxes for parties and gatherings. This is a crowd pleaser and a RyJ treasure. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
Tony in Texas April 30, 2012
Romeo Y Julieta Vintage #5
JIMI CLARK in MEMPHIS TN June 28, 2011
Romeo Y Julieta Vintage #3
Very delicious, medium-light smoke. Excellent burn, draw and flavor. A must have for every humidor. I highly recommend this cigar.
Sam H. in Fishers, IN May 28, 2011
Romeo Y Julieta Vintage #1
"((( Mild One )))"
The Romeo Y Julieta Vintage # 1 is a mild cigar with a nice tan colored rapper, but the cigar has somewhat of a tight draw. The burn is clean, and even. This Corona leaves notes of cedar and nutmeg in the nose, but there's little-or-no flavor left on the pallet. On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd rate this cigar 6
Robb in Michigan July 25, 2010
Romeo Y Julieta Vintage #1
"One of the best I've smoked."
This is my third order from Famous and second order of RYJ Vintage 1 Lonsdale. This is a wonderful cigar with an even draw and burn and great taste without the lingering aftertaste common with other cigars. In addition, I would like to say that I misordered my second order of RYJ Lonsdale, ordering the Reserva Real, instead of the Vintage 1 that I intended to purchase. I must day, that Famous handled the return and corrected purchase without any problems and with the ease and professionalism one would expect from a first class businessman. If you have not tried this cigar, you owe it to yourself to get a five-cigar sampler. Unless you're a real fanatic of strong tastes and aftertastes, you will love this cigar. Smoke it with no relights from tip to band and, if you prefer, to your very fingertips.
Emiliano in St. Petersburg, Florida May 7, 2010
Romeo Y Julieta Vintage Toro
"An average cigar"
The Romeo Y Julieta Vintage Toro arrived in well designed and decorated packaging. Each cigar is individually encased in a glass tube. The cigars appear well rolled, displaying attention to detail and nice visual uniformity. Applying pressure along the cigar quickly revealed soft spots and a general lack of uniformity in the internal composition throughout the length of the stick. The wrapper has a nice aroma as does the smoke. The end wrapper is somewhat sweet with a hint of bitterness. A mild smoke with unremarkable flavor, there was a lack of complex flavors found in other cigars in this price range. There is a spiciness to the smoke but the aftertaste is less than pleasant. The burn was grossly uneven and probably the result of the soft spots found when testing the firmness of the roll. At the halfway point, the cigar burned to a 45 degree angle. The draw was open and easy but often required two draws to produce a good dense smoke. It appears in this case that the manufacturer succeeded in producing a very nice look to the packaging, but they dropped the ball when making them. For two or three dollars this cigar would be a good buy, but at nearly twice that price, it?s just not a good value. This isn?t a bad cigar but it?s nothing to write home about.
Jerry in Maryland September 29, 2009
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