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Romeo Y Julieta Vintage Reviews

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Romeo Y Julieta Vintage Toro
"An average cigar"
The Romeo Y Julieta Vintage Toro arrived in well designed and decorated packaging. Each cigar is individually encased in a glass tube. The cigars appear well rolled, displaying attention to detail and nice visual uniformity. Applying pressure along the cigar quickly revealed soft spots and a general lack of uniformity in the internal composition throughout the length of the stick. The wrapper has a nice aroma as does the smoke. The end wrapper is somewhat sweet with a hint of bitterness. A mild smoke with unremarkable flavor, there was a lack of complex flavors found in other cigars in this price range. There is a spiciness to the smoke but the aftertaste is less than pleasant. The burn was grossly uneven and probably the result of the soft spots found when testing the firmness of the roll. At the halfway point, the cigar burned to a 45 degree angle. The draw was open and easy but often required two draws to produce a good dense smoke. It appears in this case that the manufacturer succeeded in producing a very nice look to the packaging, but they dropped the ball when making them. For two or three dollars this cigar would be a good buy, but at nearly twice that price, it?s just not a good value. This isn?t a bad cigar but it?s nothing to write home about.
Jerry in Maryland September 29, 2009
Romeo Y Julieta Vintage Toro
"Great sigars!"
Great! I am not a very big smoker. I`ve smoke before about 50 different brands just to find my favorite cigar and i stick to this one. Very smooth,mild and taisty. Even if smoke at night before bed, you don`t have that bad smoke taste in your mouth for the whole day! I am getting the 3th box!
Yuri in seattle wa June 19, 2009
Romeo y Julieta Vintage #1
Purely excellent, recommend to anyone.
Dave June 10, 2009
Romeo Y Julieta Vintage #7
"The best I've had to date."
A friend gave me a Romeo Y Julieta Vintage #7 to try. It had to be one of the smoothest and most relaxing cigars I have smoked to date. I just finished ordering 25 from the Famous Smoke Shop with free shipping too. I am looking forward their arrival and passing a few out to friends.
Kenneth M. in Cocoa, Florida May 4, 2009
Romeo y Julieta Vintage #1
CRYSTAL in BETHLEHEM, PA April 11, 2009
Romeo y Julieta Vintage #3
"Great, full-flavored but mild cigar"
I have smoked four different sizes of the RyJ Vintage, mostly the #3. They are my favorite cigar for a long drive especially the #4 and #5. I drive down to the Mid Atlantic quite often and once I get into Penn. I have hours of uninterrupted driving ahead. They are perfect with a good cup of coffee and last as long as any cigar out there. Unusually full flavored for a very smooth and mild cigar. They are always well constructed with a good draw draw and very relaxing. The next 100 plus miles are the easiest part of my trip. I seldom have enough time for one of these but love them when I do. I would not recommended them to those, however, who like strong flavored cigars with a bite.
Rob in Boston, Ma March 24, 2009
Romeo Y Julieta Vintage #6
"Expensive. Smells like..."
Way overpriced. And you know how the good ones have wrappers that give then a nice "barn" smell, well this one smelled like the horse in the barn had diarrhea after a Taco Bell meal. Romeo & Juliet has done better.
Robert in Memphis March 11, 2009
Romeo Y Julieta Vintage #6
Absolutely the bestÂ… I first tried one while visiting Caesars in Las Vegas. They have an immense smooth and mild taste, great ash, burn evenly, and as good to the end as in the beginning. I now have a humidor full of the Romeo Y Juliet Vintage #6 and take enough for two a day while visiting the Wynn in Las Vegas or playing golf. I also enjoy them on my back porch in Ohio! Highly recommend to all my buddies!
JDP in Ohio September 1, 2008
Romeo y Julieta Vintage #3
"Simply "THE" Best Cigar. Cuban's don't come close!"
I started smoking Cigars about 25 years ago. I tried this brand from my local, well established Cigar shop in Worcester, Ma., called The Owl Shop, which has been a staple in the city for a year shy of 70 years. They always never had them displayed, they were always in the back-room Humidor, which only the employees have access to, but were known to their regulars. Otherwise, now that I know how they are, they would have flew off the shelves. I first tried my usual brand, a Corona, but then got a liking for Robusto size Cigars, w/ about a good 45min. burn, more or less.. When I bought mmy 1st RyJ Vintage #3, for the then low price of about $4.00, they've went up to over $13.00, but are now at $10.45. I used to buy boxes from them at a price of $225.00. That's until I got a computer & found Famous Smoke Shop & JR Tobacco. A box of 25 from them were $125.00 to $129.99 plus a small s&h charge. So I scoop one up when I can. Even a 5pk. I recently bought for $24, or $26.30 w/ taxes & s&h, still outweight a single one from The Owl Shop in my town, at $10.45 each. I buy other cigars also, so I can savor these beauties, and keep them around for a while longer. I couldn't say anymore great things about these RYJ Vintage #3 that hasn't already been said. But this is the best tasting, aromatic, smooth cigar, mild/medium body, with a nice draw & consistency, I ever had the pleasure of smoking. If you've never tried one, I "Highly Recommend", at least buying an 5pk sampler, or even if they sold them as singles. I can pretty much quarantee you'll fall in love with them. And,oh yeah,almost forgot, for people w/out humidors, no problem when buying a box of these, as it has a humidor tucked away in the back of the cigars, in a nice little fitted slot, only need to soak it in distilled water for a bit, and you're good to go. Thanks for such an excellent cigar RyJ Vintage #3, among the other Vintages, which I'd give a 10 out of 10 for. And for those who've smoked the regular line of RyJ, and may not have care for them so much, trust me, these are miles apart from them.
Dean DeMarco in MA May 25, 2008
Romeo Y Julieta Vintage Toro
"one of the best!"
I had tried a Romeo y Julieta Belicoso and hated it. My buddy urged me to try another in this line. I tried the Vintage and it was heaven! What a great smoke. Creamy, nice draw, and a superb burn! Even to the nub I smoked it all the way down to. I'm grabbing more.
John in Salt Lake February 7, 2008
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