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Romeo Y Julieta Vintage Reviews

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Romeo y Julieta Vintage #1
"Great taste, great construction, great everything"
One of the very best I have ever smoked. I never had a "bad" one
Lenny in Greensboro, NC April 16, 2006
Romeo Y Julieta Vintage #6
"Sadly disappointed! beautiful but bitter cigar"
It starts nicely, with a dry, sandy, but classic EMS flavor, but then gets more and more bitter until bitterness is the only flavor. The particular cigar I smoked was rolled with an off-center filler and rapidly turned into a canoe. I gave up on the bitter canoe, half-way through. It was a beautiful pyramide shape (not a torpedo) but even then the shape was beyond the ability of the torceador who rolled it.
Overworked in CA April 8, 2006
Romeo y Julieta Vintage #1
"Simply the best"
The Romeo Y Julieta Vintage # 1 has everything I was looking for in a quality cigar...great taste, shape. and pure pleasure. Cecil Pearson
Cecil Pearson in NV January 9, 2006
Romeo y Julieta Vintage #3
"R y J quality but to mild"
Let me start by saying I love ryj 1885s they are one of my favorites. The vintage is a well made cigar with a beautifull wrapper and has everything going for it. But it is just way to mild for my taste . So if you like mild cigars you should try these.
Gary Morrell in Medford Or. August 25, 2005
Romeo y Julieta Vintage #5
I am new to the world of cigar smoking. While in a shop recently I picked up a variety of high end cigars to try and was extremely impressed with this one. I usually smoke Davidoff or Zino, but this is my favorite now.
Robert Bennett in Texas June 30, 2004
Romeo y Julieta Vintage #5
"Romeo y Julieta my favorite"
I had to take the time to say that of the 30 or so brands I have smoked over the last year, R&J is consistently my favorite smoke. I prefer these to far more expensive smokes such as Graycliff, Cohiba, Ashton and all others. When these cigars are aged for a few years, something truly magical happens. You can't go astray with R & J.
Winn in Austin TX January 6, 2004
Romeo y Julieta Vintage #5
"Romeo Y Juliet Vintage #5"
A very luxurious,and exotic cigar!with a great aroma!Consistent down to the last puff!
E. Sellers in Santa Clarita,Ca. December 14, 2003
Romeo y Julieta Vintage #1
"What's not to like?"
Flawless construction, easy draw, nice aroma, great taste. I've always been a fan of RyJ 1875 but had not tried the Vintage line. Bought a box of Vintage #3s recently in response to a Famous Smoke Shop price promotion -- "Shoulda bought two."
Charles Pascual in Palm Harbor, Fla June 12, 2003
Romeo y Julieta Vintage #5
"My Absolute Favorite"
After a particularly difficult day at work my wife stopped by a tobacconist in the very well-to-do part of town (Scottsdale) to buy me the best cigar she could find. After discussing my tastes with him he pointed her to the RyJ #5's even though he could have easily sent her to the $25 cigars. I have never had a better cigar. I immediately bought a box. I can tell you, many cigars later, they never disappoint. Perfect construction, mouth watering flavor, and even burning. The aroma will even change the minds nonsmokers about it being in their presense. You can't go wrong!
Brian Wajdyk in Chandler, AZ April 22, 2003
Romeo Y Julieta Vintage #6
"Smoothest, Best Tasting Cigar....And Inexpensive"
I've been smoking the pyramid (#6) for three years now. This is the smoothest cigar in its price category. Unlike the 1875 (which are good also), the Vintage are milder, but with a "full" mild flavor - good ash and fills the mouth with a smooth smoke. Great presentation, due to pyramid shape and quality control never had one wrapped so tight I couldn't get a great draw. Cedar box with individual wrapping delivers it unharmed. Famous also has the best price around on these.
Dan Fahey in Houston, TX April 13, 2003
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