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Room 101 Namakubi Ecuador Reviews

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Room 101 Namakubi Chingon
"Beast of a Cigar!"
This cigar monster in size but it s got great taste and performs. Great draw with huge plumes of smoke and even burn. Very impressed, especially for a stick of this size.
Dean in NY May 14, 2014
Room 101 Namakubi Filero
"Teasing good"
Also flirting right at the edge of I could get harsh , but never doing so, it provided a complex taste that kept you wanting more. Not for a casual smoke, but for the times you want a cigar to sit and reflect on deeper things. Very good, nice construction and great aroma. Not an everyday smoke but excellent for those quiet times. Somebody called it intriguing and that is a great description.
Cal in Kentucky April 9, 2014
Room 101 Namakubi Filero
"Wow - this is a great cigar"
An exceptional full-bodied cigar that rolls out the flavor and taste that are rich and intriguing. You gotta try these while they last if you want to taste a truly fine cigar. In a word - exceptional!
Jima in Columbia River Gorge October 5, 2013
Room 101 Namakubi Chingon
"Get yours before they are gone!"
One of the best cigars I've had in a long time minus the Patron 1926 serie. Going to buy a box before they are gone.
Tony in Florida July 7, 2013
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