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Room101 San Andres Papi Chulo Reviews [view details]

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"Smoked 3--Inconsistent Construction"
1st was gorgeous, fantastic floral flavors of spicy dried fruit. 2nd was rolled way too tight, resulting in too-tight draw and a hot burn, resulting in poor flavor profile. It also didn't have the dried fruit I liked so much the first time. 3rd one again had the spicy fruit, but not to the degree of the first. Also, the 3rd one was rolled way too loose, making it almost impossible to keep lit. If QC could be improved, this has the potential to be a world class cigar. Until then, you takes your chances, and the odds are not in your favor.
Steve in Midlothian, VA May 22, 2014
"Spicy Full Flavor Perfect Blend BOX WORTHY!"
Looking for a short smoke that leaves you. Totaly satisfied? This is a Home Run by Mr. Matt Booth. Rich, spicy, complexity even in a little cigar. Worth every penny and totaly box worthy.
Scott in Grants Pass, Oregon August 23, 2012
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