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Rosewood Punch Cutter Reviews [view details]

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"Seems fine to me"
Good quality for the price, I was happy with the purchase. If you're just looking for something to punch a hole in the end of a smoke..look no further
R.J. in East Stroudsburg, PA December 18, 2012
"Not of highest quality."
The outer 2 rings that structurally make the cutter ring flush and safe in your pocket when retracted were loose and fell off when they came. I should have sent it back but decided I would try to super glue the rings back on. Worked but the punch ring got glued too. I was able to loosen it up but its operation is less smooth of a extension or retraction. Next one I am trying: the Xikar 009 pull out extension punch or their twist 011(Site Doesnt carry).(the lifetime warrantee makes the dif I think.)(Also wish they sold the famous Palio Cutter) Although I like the site, it doesnt do the best job of description or have multiple pics/angles. I suggest visiting the manufacture website usually. for more pics or description.
D Carson in Los Angeles, CA December 2, 2012
"pretty nice and sturdy"
Bought this because I was tired of forgetting my cutter or my vector(with the punch). It works quite well. Not the sharpest of punches but its not gonna make you squash your cigar either. For the price and the durability its a great buy
Ian in Columbus,Ohio April 28, 2012
"Looks nice but not very sharp"
Great looking but not very sharp. I can find a way sharpen it its just a disappointing when things don't come as advertised.
Evan in Maine May 15, 2010