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Rubberized Havana Retract Punch Reviews [view details]

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"Great While it Lasts"
Initially, this is a great tool. Sharp, as easy to use as any punch with the added, wonderful bonus of the retractable blade which not only cuts down on wear and tear, but easily removes the cutting from inside the blade-tube. The downside of this great tool is that the body is made of plastic and will break over time if you have it on your keychain. Also, the rubber sleeve on mine slipped constantly so that each time you went to hit the retract button, you d have to twist the sleeve until the button showed, a tedious added headache. It should be noted that I felt compelled to write this review as I m about to buy another one. So obviously the price is fair and it works great until it breaks. That was about 6 months for me.
Paul in Boston March 24, 2014
"Not an effective tool"
it's not durable or as strong as it appears. once you punch and twist, the puncher was stuck in my cigar every time.horrible
Richard Matthews in Maryland October 1, 2012
"Worth it for the price."
It has a very sharp punch blade. Seems to work pretty well. It is a little stiff when retracting. I am not sure if I like the rubberized feature. Easy to grip, but might be hard to position because it grips too well when trying to slide it into the proper position. The key ring may break off after a while of hanging on a key chain. Overall it is worth the money and comes in handy when on the go.
MJPII in Ocean City, New Jersey November 9, 2010