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Saint Luis Rey Reviews

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Saint Luis Rey Toro
"Good Cigar"
This is a good cigar for the price. However it does has its flaws. Very inconsistent draw is most frustrating. Flavor and burn are nice and consistent.
John in Western PA April 2, 2014
Saint Luis Rey Titan
I read your comments, we say they are stunned, some have even written that are horrible, nn add anything else, I just say that these sticks Hondurans are full-bodied, spicy smoked in the middle ... always open to the taste and especially the smoked me and seemed pleasantly warm and harmonious, it will that you must smoke a cigar with peace in your heart .. I judge this cigar really good. frank
frank in varese March 8, 2014
Saint Luis Rey Churchill
"Best Value"
Bought a box of 25. Sixteen were hands-down the best cigars I ve ever smoked, regardless of price. Five were very good to average. Four of them were absolutely horrible. Averaging out at less than $3.50 per stick, they can t be beat. The best ones had thick, creamy smoke, even draw, great taste and aroma, felt good in your mouth, and stayed lit through the entire smoke. The worst ones were acrid, burned your lips, hard to draw, and wouldn t stay lit. I shared a second box with a friend and we had a similar experience of good vs. bad cigars in the box. Overall, even with the inconsistency, these are a great value and are the staple in my humidor.
Smokin Cat in Evansville, IN November 16, 2013
Saint Luis Rey Rothchilde
I was perusing my humidor this morning looking for an after work smoke. This cigar had been sitting for a while and I didn't even know where I had picked it up. All I can say is I'm glad I picked it this morning. I have been looking for a smoke like this for some time. Great taste, decent burn even though I was in a very windy park setting. I smoked this one right to the nub and was glad to have not wasted any. I recommend this smoke to anyone who is willing to try a little bit of the stronger side, while not being too overwhelming. I'm going to look for this stick again, guaranteed.
Darryl in Winnipeg, Canada September 13, 2013
Saint Luis Rey Rothchilde (non cello)
"Surprise!! Why is it that cheap?"
Boy!! I never thought i would get such quality with less than $3 a stick. Although it's supposed to be full, but it is on the light side of full. Interesting complex flavor but not very rich. Nutty flavor with hint of a spicy earthiness but no other flavors that i could recognize. The flavor is consistant throughout the cigar which suggest not much recipe into it. Just a good quality wrapper and tobacco rolled to an everyday satisfaction. The only take on the cigar is the thick and huge cap which requires deep cutting but that doesn't effect the quality of the cigar. I've been smoking cigars for a while but got financially damaged from this tasty and sophisticated habit. So, I was looking for a cheap everyday cigar and boy I was in for a treat. I ordered 5 to try and am going to get a box for sure.
Cigarista in San Diego, CA September 28, 2012
Saint Luis Rey Rothchilde
"Don't Know What's Wrong With U Guy's"
How could you not enjoy this C'GAR I say Hands down it has such flavor, strong start and finish's with a bold earth flavor how do they marry these leaves to get such a well balanced cigar, ***** 5 stars from me, I ordered 3 boxes today.
Chris in Simi Valley California February 13, 2012
Saint Luis Rey Rothchilde (non cello)
"Excellent cigar for the price"
One of my favorite everyday or anytime smokes. Mild/slightly medium taste that's very consistent. Burn can sometimes be an issue, but that's the purpose of a lighter. Solid construction and I've never had a dud.
CM in Pittsburgh, PA December 1, 2011
Saint Luis Rey Churchill
"Have become less enjoyable"
I have enjoyed this cigar for a long time, but the past few orders have literally left a bad taste in my mouth. Recent boxes have had inconsistent burn, unable to stay lit, and a harsh aftertaste. Locally purchase SLR's don't share these faults. What's up Famous Smokes?
Tim G in Houston November 21, 2011
Saint Luis Rey Titan
"What's not to like??"
This is a fine smoke. I absolutely love them. I have had 2 boxes. Great for the patio in the evening with a good single malt scotch. They didn't burn hot, very consistent from on box to the next, draw was smooth.
Pete Tosi in Keizer, Or. July 28, 2011
Saint Luis Rey Rothchilde
"Very Disappointed"
I was expecting a better taste and couldn't keep it lit.
Rod in Pa May 29, 2011
La Floridita Fuerte
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