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Saint Luis Rey Reviews

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Saint Luis Rey Titan
In my 6 yrs. of smoking cigars have I tasted such a nasty, bitter, dry, poorly constructed cigar. I don't like to be negative but I have no choice I have to be honest. I got 2 of these in a sampler from Famous. Famous should consider removing them cause they don't belong in the company of a Perdomo lot 23 or a Crainos.
Lee in Philadelphia, Pa. June 5, 2010
Saint Luis Rey Pequenos (10)
"Terrible draw"
These are terrible. I have been able to smoke 1 out of 10 of these! I understand these are a cheap little cigar but who's rolling these things? Jerry's kids? How about a little quality control?
btg in Michigan March 11, 2010
Saint Luis Rey Rothchilde (non cello)
Very smooth, and Full of flavor!!!!!!!!!!GOT TO TRY!!!!!!!
chris in virginia March 4, 2010
Saint Luis Rey Belicoso
"What a great morning I had with this maduro"
I am sitting on the the back porch of the restaurant that I manage. I decided to pick up a smoke and come in to work an hour early - the weather is cool, perfect, the best setting for a relaxing cigar. This SLR Maduro is wonderful. What a great smoke! Burns evenly, perfect ash, and a rich taste. Most notably, there is absolutely no aftertaste - a clean, full flavor that is pure and delicious. The only damper on my morning is that the waitresses are arriving... time to end this great experience! A great, box-cut maduro that looks great, tastes great, finishes smooth and clean. For the price, I give it a 92 out of 100.
Brandon in Louisiana February 28, 2010
Saint Luis Rey Rothchilde
"My favorite cigar hands down!"
I don't remember where I had heard about this cigar, or if I had just won it in auction, but I am sure glad that I tried it! The look of this cigar pulls you in first. It is a solid cigar, perfect size, appealing label. Once I lit it, I was like "WOW!". Great burn, strong gray ash, and great taste! All this for a $2 stick? Incredible! I smoke all kinds of cigars, but this is my home slice!
Jim in Indianapolis, IN February 6, 2010
Saint Luis Rey Rothchilde (non cello)
"Best Bang for the Buck!!!"
I have smoked between 10 and 20 of these and I have never had one that burned bad or tasted bad. In fact, from my experience, this cigar burns better than cigars 5x the price! This cigar is always welcome in my humidor and you'll normally find it there!!
Jim in Indianapolis, IN January 29, 2010
Saint Luis Rey Rothchilde (non cello)
"Great Cigar @ a Great Price!"
This is one Great cigar! Awsome flavor, aroma and price. Has a nice creamy taste and loads smoke. I gave some to my father for CHRISTmas and he was very impressed with it too. I found a new everyday smoke.
Jeffrey in Crawfordsville December 25, 2009
Saint Luis Rey Luisitas (10)
"One of my Favorites"
To start off, I'm no connoisseur of cigars; I tend to focus on the cheaper end of things to begin with, excepting the occasional CAO or Macanudo when I'm in the mood. As such, I'll admit my main reason for purchasing these to begin with was the fact it was a Maduro wrapper at a low price. Once tried, however, it proved far better than expected. It's a harsh smoke; not going to lie and claim otherwise. If you like your smokes mild, avoid it like the plague. The flavor, however, is impeccable. Rich, thick, albeit not always very multifaceted. It burns at a decent speed, and I've never had one go out on me, albeit I tend to puff more regularly than most. I also tend to suffer from my cigars unraveling or canoeing, and I've never had one of these things do either. The only real criticisms I can mention are the rather harsh flavor (Which I personally prefer) and a somewhat difficult draw. This thing certainly isn't the greatest cigar ever made, but if you're in the mood for a maduro of this size, and don't want a bleeding wallet, this thing is your best friend. Highly recommended. Though, to my (limited) experience, this does not always continue to other cigars by the same company.
Darrin P. in NY November 23, 2009
Saint Luis Rey Luisitas (10)
Very tightly rolled, and hard to keep lit. Once you do get it to burn, the taste ain't bad. Hard to enjoy a cigar you when its so hard to draw. Like sucking a really thick milkshake thru a skinny straw. Don't think I will puchase these again.
Benjamin in The Dalles, OR November 20, 2009
Saint Luis Rey Rothchilde (non cello)
"Where have these babies been?"
I am always in search for that one great cigar for a good price. Tried a box and now I am hooked. Great taste, good draw and burned well down to the nub. I will always have these in my box. I can now rest.
PapaG in Tampa FL November 14, 2009
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