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Saint Luis Rey Gen2 Titan Reviews [view details]

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"Nice mild smoke"
Tried the Gen2 tonight and was pleasantly surprised. A well constructed smoke that was consistent from beginning until the end. The flavor was very mild, probably will be a favorite for smokers who are just starting to enjoy cigars. Excellent burn, draw and appearance, the only downside of the cigar was that it was very very mild flavor. I prefer a stronger smoke, but occasionally like a mild smoke and this fit that bill. I will keep some of these around for guests who are just starting out or for when I am smoking while enjoying something sweet to eat or drink.
Tony in Denver September 17, 2013
"One of the worst cigars I've smoked"
This cigar the Titan by Saint Luis Rey is brand new. I ordered 5 of the large Titans. They were advertised The Gen2 is a new cutting edge cigar packed with flavor and perfectly married with a full-bodied profile, This cigar is terrible and Famous should be ashamed for letting this misrepresented profile to entice buyers. The cigar had no great taste, complexity, or any thing else that would cause me to recommend it.
Thomas in san francisco August 15, 2013
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10 Construction 100
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