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Saint Luis Rey Rothchilde Reviews [view details]

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"Very Disappointed"
I was expecting a better taste and couldn't keep it lit.
Rod in Pa May 29, 2011
"Excellent cigar! Highly recommended."
If you like Maduro's you've gotta try this. It's a regular for me.
Patrick in NY September 11, 2010
"Great all around smoke. Quality and taste great"
My uncle, a long time smoker who really knows cigars turned me on to these. We used to sit and smoke and watch baseball and i could often get a whole game out of one. We tried many different cigars together including Ghurka, Davidoff, (both great ones) and many others and always came back to this litlte smoke. price is right and they have an interesting burn in that you can smoke them faster and they dont get too hot or smoke em long and slow and they last for a while. I have found that they do best if when i buy a box i put htem in the humidor for a couple of weeks to get them just right. it kept at humidity and temp; these are amazing smokes - especially for the cost.
JC in Travelling the world August 26, 2010
The SLR robusto in the maduro wrapper is billed as superior to its counterpart in the natural wrapper, which I love. So, I tried a 5-pack. Sweet looking, very well-made, draws well, stays lit, and all, but, after three cigars, I find it a big disappointment as a smoke, varying between bland and bitter. It has none of the spice, richness, and tasty smoothness of the SLR robusto in the natural wrapper.
Paul B. in Boston, MA August 6, 2009
"A great new find!"
I just got this cigar through a Famous auction, and was thoroughly impressed! It felt great, burned better than any cigar I have recently had, and held a nice ash! I even got a slight buzz!! Thumbs up to this cigar!!
Jim C. in Indianapolis, IN May 15, 2009
"Nice blend of sweet and smooth. Highly recommend."
Sweet, delicious maduro wrapper and medium to full yet smooth draw. One of my favorite smokes and a great value at that.
Marc in Connecticut September 4, 2008
"wrapper will no stay lit"
i bought the rothchild a very nice looking cigar and the flavors not bad but the wrapper will not stay lit.it burns on the inside and you have to keep cutting the outside wrapper off. would not buy again.
chuck in kankakee il July 29, 2008
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10 Construction (87) 100
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