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Saint Luis Rey Rothchilde (non cello) Reviews [view details]

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"Nice value"
Have smoked about 10 of these so far and they are very consistent. Medium strength, excellent draw, decent flavor. The only complaint is the cigar has to be continually relit. After reading the belicoso reviews, I'm switching to those. Not a bad gar for the $.
Jimmy G. in St. Louis January 22, 2006
"Nothin' Fancy"
Two words, THIS SUCKS!!!
D.Vargas in SATX July 30, 2004
"Great cigar great price"
As I have not yet found my every day cigar yet I decided to try this one. Was very pleased with all aspects from construction to burn and taste.
John Balogna in new york June 24, 2004
"This is an awesome cigar with plenty of kick."
This is a great cigar at any time. The price is really unbelievable. Try one and you will definitely buy a box.
Allen H. Caldwell III in Houston, TX May 12, 2004
"Great Everyday Cigar and Very Well Made"
Being new to cigars, I tried these based on CA's review in search of a reasonably priced everyday cigar. I have tried many, many different cigars in this quest and was more than pleased with the rothchild. It meets my med-robust flavor choice and is probably one of the most well made cigars I have ever smoked. My second box of 50 are on their way.
Richie C. in Cranford, New Jersey March 7, 2004
"Full Bodied and Priced Right Maduro"
Back when Tabacelera took over production, SLR's reputation faltered greatly. The post-added T band told you it would be a very ordinary and boring cigar. But, now that Altidas has taken this brand under it's wing, it's return as a go to cigar is assured. For the price, this cigar is a maduro lover's dream come true. They've added some Peruvian Ligero into these for sure, and that means spicy ooomph.
Mike T in UpState New York December 3, 2003
Customer Ratings

10 Burn (84) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Consistency (86) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Draw (86) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Appearance (89) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Taste (91) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Construction (88) 100
Poor - Excellent

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