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Saint Luis Rey Rothchilde (non cello) Reviews [view details]

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"Excellent smoke"
My uncle turned me on to these; we found them by accident. Used to smoke Gloria Cubana Maduro R series regularly and we tried these. We just kept going back to them. These little smokes are consistently excellent. Yeah there are one or two bad ones occasionally, but what cigar does NOT do that. I often light these when I am in a place that I might be interrupted, and end up loving the whole smoke hoping to NOT be interrupted. They have become my "go to" smoke. The titans are also good, but these little smokes are as good and often burn as long or longer.
JC in Atlanta October 14, 2010
"Great Cigar @ a Great Price!"
This is one Great cigar! Awsome flavor, aroma and price. Has a nice creamy taste and loads smoke. I gave some to my father for CHRISTmas and he was very impressed with it too. I found a new everyday smoke.
Jeffrey in Crawfordsville December 25, 2009
"Where have these babies been?"
I am always in search for that one great cigar for a good price. Tried a box and now I am hooked. Great taste, good draw and burned well down to the nub. I will always have these in my box. I can now rest.
PapaG in Tampa FL November 14, 2009
"Disappointing is an Understatement"
Very Disappointed in this smoke. Had 2 of them after sitting in my humidor for a while. Both were extremely hard to draw. Not much flavor at all on the Cigar. Aroma was non-existent. Did not really find anything rewarding about the cigar except its unlit appearance. I would say pass on these duds.
James in NH October 20, 2009
"I know I love them , my pants are moving :)"
My quest is over , now all I need to do is ; have them auto ship a 50 count box every month , word !
Bulldozer in 54216 May 29, 2009
"One of the best at any price!"
Definetly a must have on any top shelf of any humidor!
Paul in Longview Washington November 5, 2008
"doesn't get any better"
This was one of the best kept secrets, for the price it doesn't get any better. Great smoke!
Kerry in Geneva Illinois April 29, 2008
"Get some"
I worked my way through a box of these and was very impressed. Good full body flavor, consistent draw great price. Goes well with coffee or a nice stoat Beer.
Rich in Rancho Cordova October 16, 2007
This was a very smooth cigar to smoke. The construction was fantastic with an even burn the whole way down. Smooth draw. Well packed tobacco with some weight. Just felt good to hold it in my hand. Will definitely keep a few in the humidor for guests!
Sean in Montesano May 22, 2007
"Good Cigar for the Price."
Although I prefer the "Serie-G" line, these little cigars are pretty tasty. I can't say they're anything to write home about, but it's certainly not the worst smoke I've had. I recommend you try a five-pack.
Sean in Chattanooga, TN January 8, 2007
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10 Burn (85) 100
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10 Consistency (85) 100
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10 Draw (85) 100
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10 Appearance (91) 100
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10 Taste (89) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (88) 100
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