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Saint Luis Rey Serie G Belicoso Reviews [view details]

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"Balanced %26 Satisfying"
This cigar was very well balanced, on occasion some of them woudl be a bit more harsh than others, but that s chalked up to the nature of cigars in general. There are good cigars with an even burn, earthy flavor, and a very nice price to boot.
Christopher in Bezy May 12, 2014
This cigar is simply a wonderful experience!
Cbaum in georgia November 4, 2013
"Sweet and Earthy"
Honestly just a great sweet and Earthy tobacco. Smoked this on a nice long walk so I will not hit it for the wavy line. The wind probably contributed to that. I will definitely buy these again
Ian in Columbus, OH August 11, 2012
Very good cigar. I was surprised with the taste and burn.The Draw was perfect. Will be buying again.
Sarah in Princess Anne, MD July 4, 2012
That sudden burst of maduro taste..wow. Good burn, aroma, and copious billowing smoke! A bit harsh on last puff or so....but other than that a full flavored smoke indeed!!
Jack in Louisiana July 31, 2011
"Very nice powersmoke!"
Based on the many favorable reviews, I purchased a box of these dark devils with much anticipation. The first two or three disappointed me a little so I decided to let them rest a few months in my humidor. They are much better for that rest, I'm glad to say. First of all, the construction and burn of these cigars are very good, nothing to complain about here. The draw is a little loose even for me as I prefer a easy drawing smoke. This perhaps explains why these sticks only last an hour or so, when I thought they should last longer. The Saint Luis Rey Serie G is an extremely full flavored, strong cigar; not for the casual cigar smoker. Plenty of spice with floral notes, lots of thick smoke but, surprisingly, not what I would call "creamy". This cigar should pair real well with coffee or wine. I would definitely recommend these to someone who wants a 'man-up', full-strength cigar that is priced right. Enjoy!
E. T. in Kentucky January 27, 2011
"Outstanding Maduro Cigar"
I smoke many premium cigars and think this Saint Luis Ray Maduro Serie G Belicoso is one of the best cigars around. Its price is very reasonable for the quality of the smoke. Try it, you will not be disappointed!
Robert Rubalcaba in San Diego January 1, 2011
"One of my favorite Maduro Cigars"
St. Luis Rey Serie G Maduro is a premium cigar in my opinion. This cigar presents a true double maduro with a hearty, full-bodied flavor. These cigars sport a thick, oily Connecticut Broad leaf Maduro wrapper with a sweet Connecticut Broad leaf binder that surround a bold, balanced blend of dark Nicaraguan tobaccos. The cigar burns well with a firm, marbled, black-gray ash. The smoke stealthily blooms into a rich, earthy smoke with notes of cocoa, coffee, and semi-sweet spices. A real treat if you love full-flavored cigars. Want to have an excellent maduro cigar with the best flavor this is the one to try. Hands down what you waiting for.. The price is right..
K Doty in Tulsa Oklahoma January 28, 2010
"The Best and my Personal Favorite Maduro."
Want to know what my Favorite Maduro CIgar is. This Saint Luis Rey Serie G. Is my Favorite Blend /Line of Cigar for a Maduro Folks. This is the Ultimate Maduro in My opinion, So if you like the best of the best in Maduro Cigars, this is it.
K Doty in Tulsa Oklahoma May 11, 2009
"We have a winner"
Looks great. The construction and burn are second to none. And the flavor is PERFECT, with a nice spicy finish!! I LOVE THIS CIGAR!!!
Paul in Longview August 28, 2008
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10 Consistency (95) 100
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10 Draw (96) 100
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10 Construction (98) 100
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