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Saint Luis Rey Serie G Maduro Reviews

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Saint Luis Rey Serie G No. 6
"I liked it!"
The cold draw was excellent through a bullet hole; then I had to use a V-cut once lit. Medium-bodied with a savory, smooth flavor profile of soft cocoa powder and herbs, very similar to the Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial. Burnline was just a little wavy in the beginning, but it self-corrected. My only beef is that it burned a little fast, for less than an hour. 92 points
Stefan in City by the Bay May 13, 2014
Saint Luis Rey Serie G Belicoso
"Balanced %26 Satisfying"
This cigar was very well balanced, on occasion some of them woudl be a bit more harsh than others, but that s chalked up to the nature of cigars in general. There are good cigars with an even burn, earthy flavor, and a very nice price to boot.
Christopher in Bezy May 12, 2014
St Luis Rey Serie G Rothchilde
"Good Smoke"
Great little smoke. I m a Partagas Black Label or La Gloria Cuban maduro smoker. These little guys surprised me and I ve started keeping a bunch in the humidor.
Jim in Alexandria, VA May 10, 2014
Saint Luis Rey Serie G No. 6
"I like What I Like"
Good flavor, good draw most of the time. Burn is as desired
Bill in Huntsville, AL April 19, 2014
Saint Luis Rey Serie G Belicoso
This cigar is simply a wonderful experience!
Cbaum in georgia November 4, 2013
St Luis Rey Serie G Rothchilde
"What A Cigar"
This has to be one of the best bang for your cigar buck out there! I will be ordering more of these baby's .
Jeff in Mooresville nc August 2, 2013
Saint Luis Rey Serie G Churchill Cello
"Best Cigar for the Money"
Great everyday cigar. For the money I have not found anything better!! A must to keep in your humidor!
Tom in Lexington, SC January 2, 2013
Saint Luis Rey Serie G No. 6
I have had a few of these and they always taste great. Amazingly smooth and milder than you might expect. I did have some issues with a poor draw on a couple before I learned to let them soften up a little in the humi before smoking. Since then - fantastic.
Gregory in Salt Lake City September 8, 2012
Saint Luis Rey Serie G Belicoso
"Sweet and Earthy"
Honestly just a great sweet and Earthy tobacco. Smoked this on a nice long walk so I will not hit it for the wavy line. The wind probably contributed to that. I will definitely buy these again
Ian in Columbus, OH August 11, 2012
Saint Luis Rey Serie G Belicoso
Very good cigar. I was surprised with the taste and burn.The Draw was perfect. Will be buying again.
Sarah in Princess Anne, MD July 4, 2012
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