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Saint Luis Rey Serie G Maduro Reviews

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Saint Luis Rey Serie G Belicoso
This cigar is simply a wonderful experience!
Cbaum in georgia November 4, 2013
St Luis Rey Serie G Rothchilde
"What A Cigar"
This has to be one of the best bang for your cigar buck out there! I will be ordering more of these baby's .
Jeff in Mooresville nc August 2, 2013
Saint Luis Rey Serie G Churchill Cello
"Best Cigar for the Money"
Great everyday cigar. For the money I have not found anything better!! A must to keep in your humidor!
Tom in Lexington, SC January 2, 2013
Saint Luis Rey Serie G No. 6
I have had a few of these and they always taste great. Amazingly smooth and milder than you might expect. I did have some issues with a poor draw on a couple before I learned to let them soften up a little in the humi before smoking. Since then - fantastic.
Gregory in Salt Lake City September 8, 2012
Saint Luis Rey Serie G Belicoso
"Sweet and Earthy"
Honestly just a great sweet and Earthy tobacco. Smoked this on a nice long walk so I will not hit it for the wavy line. The wind probably contributed to that. I will definitely buy these again
Ian in Columbus, OH August 11, 2012
Saint Luis Rey Serie G Belicoso
Very good cigar. I was surprised with the taste and burn.The Draw was perfect. Will be buying again.
Sarah in Princess Anne, MD July 4, 2012
St Luis Rey Serie G Rothchilde
"Very nice smoke"
This one smokes very well with a smooth draw. The taste isn't quite Full, but very close. Excellent flavor, and burns even. I will definitely buys these again.
Jeff S. in Knoxville, TN November 4, 2011
St Luis Rey Serie G Rothchilde
"Great Medium-Full, Fantastic Cigar"
Purchased this cigar because I am (and always have been) a huge fan of maduros. Not only is this one of the best maduros I have ever smoked, it is overall one of the best cigars I have ever smoked. The flavor is consistent throughout, but many aspect of the flavor vary throughout. The beginning of the smoke was on the sweet side, and as it progressed into the 2nd third a delicious spiciness began to come through. The final third, and the end of the cigar, brought through a deep, rich coffee flavor. Throughout the entire smoke, the cigar built upon itself; I was hooked from beginning to end.
Jeff S. in Knoxville, TN November 4, 2011 in San Jose, California October 21, 2011
Saint Luis Rey Serie G No. 6
"Get the smaller size, any other size"
I have always loved this cigar in other sizes but this one has extreme burn issues. I never offer a review of a cigar untill I smoke at least 3 of them and let me tell you, this one size is terrible. The # 6 is terrible because of its construction and burn. You dont want to smoke any cigar that needs constant touch ups.
Mark R in Twin Cities MN September 23, 2011
Saint Luis Rey Serie G Belicoso
That sudden burst of maduro Good burn, aroma, and copious billowing smoke! A bit harsh on last puff or so....but other than that a full flavored smoke indeed!!
Jack in Louisiana July 31, 2011
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