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Saint Luis Rey Serie G Maduro Reviews

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St Luis Rey Serie G Rothchilde
"One of the best cigars in the world. YUMMY!"
FSS clssified this as full. It's not. It's one of the most fantastic Medium cigars I have ever smoked. Much better than the Gloria Cubana serie R maduro. Which is a full cigar. I rate it a 94.
Mark in Eagan MN May 8, 2011
St Luis Rey Serie G Churchill
"I like Saint Luis Rey maduro churchills"
I like Maduro wrapped cigars the best,and of all I've tried I like Saint Luis Rey Maduro Churchills the best,to the guy who says they tast like mud,you may have a bad batch,I would suggest going to a tobacco shop and buying one to see!
brad in in the ozarks in Mo. April 10, 2011
Saint Luis Rey Serie G Belicoso
"Very nice powersmoke!"
Based on the many favorable reviews, I purchased a box of these dark devils with much anticipation. The first two or three disappointed me a little so I decided to let them rest a few months in my humidor. They are much better for that rest, I'm glad to say. First of all, the construction and burn of these cigars are very good, nothing to complain about here. The draw is a little loose even for me as I prefer a easy drawing smoke. This perhaps explains why these sticks only last an hour or so, when I thought they should last longer. The Saint Luis Rey Serie G is an extremely full flavored, strong cigar; not for the casual cigar smoker. Plenty of spice with floral notes, lots of thick smoke but, surprisingly, not what I would call "creamy". This cigar should pair real well with coffee or wine. I would definitely recommend these to someone who wants a 'man-up', full-strength cigar that is priced right. Enjoy!
E. T. in Kentucky January 27, 2011
Saint Luis Rey Serie G Belicoso
"Outstanding Maduro Cigar"
I smoke many premium cigars and think this Saint Luis Ray Maduro Serie G Belicoso is one of the best cigars around. Its price is very reasonable for the quality of the smoke. Try it, you will not be disappointed!
Robert Rubalcaba in San Diego January 1, 2011
St Luis Rey Serie G Rothchilde
"Top Dra! Hell of a surprise! My new Favorite"
I have tried so many cigars and not had one has ever surprised me in the way that this one has. I am seldom moved to want to write a review but this one has gotten me out of my easy chair to go to the computer in order to give praise to this cigar. I tried both the robusto as well as the rothschild because I smoke outside and need a short cigar for the winter. I am making this my favorite. I will serve these to my best company.
William in Maine October 5, 2010
St Luis Rey Serie G Rothchilde
"My new favorite cigar!"
Before smoking this cigar I would of rated the regular St. Luis Rey cigar as my favorite, but this one even exceeded that! Beautiful construction, draw, taste, smoke, everything you could possibly ask for! To top it all, my wife says that it smelled pretty good (which is saying a lot). This is a must have in your humidor!
Jim in Indianapolis, IN February 11, 2010
Saint Luis Rey Serie G Belicoso
"One of my favorite Maduro Cigars"
St. Luis Rey Serie G Maduro is a premium cigar in my opinion. This cigar presents a true double maduro with a hearty, full-bodied flavor. These cigars sport a thick, oily Connecticut Broad leaf Maduro wrapper with a sweet Connecticut Broad leaf binder that surround a bold, balanced blend of dark Nicaraguan tobaccos. The cigar burns well with a firm, marbled, black-gray ash. The smoke stealthily blooms into a rich, earthy smoke with notes of cocoa, coffee, and semi-sweet spices. A real treat if you love full-flavored cigars. Want to have an excellent maduro cigar with the best flavor this is the one to try. Hands down what you waiting for.. The price is right..
K Doty in Tulsa Oklahoma January 28, 2010
St Luis Rey Serie G Churchill
"Taste like DIRT...very disappointing"
This cigar had a 98 rating...what a joke. The cigar taste like dirt, aroma is not good (hard to describe), the wrapper is a dull dark brown which is not what I look for in a Maduro and the burn is aveage to poor. I wish I had only bought 5 instead of a box of 25. Maybe few months in my humidor will improve their taste and if not I will throw them away. I will never buy anything else made by Saint Luis Rey...these series G were a total waste of my money!
tommys in Fort Smith November 1, 2009
Saint Luis Rey Serie G No. 6
"My favorite right now. Great cigar to relax with."
Nice flavor and aroma. A lot of people seem to have trouble with the draw, but knowing how to cut a cigar is extremely important. Attentiveness to other aspects of lighting and smoking a cigar have to be taken into consideration also. Once you get these things down and taken into sequence theres very few cigars you won't be able to enjoy. This is a good cigar!!!!
Farris C. in Arizona October 14, 2009
Saint Luis Rey Serie G No. 6
"My favorite. The best."
Very nice cigar. I tend to gravitate towards the 60 ring size, and I have found that this is the best, worth the money.
Marshall V. in California July 20, 2009
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