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Saint Luis Rey Serie G Maduro Reviews

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Saint Luis Rey Serie G Belicoso
"One of my favorite Maduro Cigars"
St. Luis Rey Serie G Maduro is a premium cigar in my opinion. This cigar presents a true double maduro with a hearty, full-bodied flavor. These cigars sport a thick, oily Connecticut Broad leaf Maduro wrapper with a sweet Connecticut Broad leaf binder that surround a bold, balanced blend of dark Nicaraguan tobaccos. The cigar burns well with a firm, marbled, black-gray ash. The smoke stealthily blooms into a rich, earthy smoke with notes of cocoa, coffee, and semi-sweet spices. A real treat if you love full-flavored cigars. Want to have an excellent maduro cigar with the best flavor this is the one to try. Hands down what you waiting for.. The price is right..
K Doty in Tulsa Oklahoma January 28, 2010
St Luis Rey Serie G Churchill
"Taste like DIRT...very disappointing"
This cigar had a 98 rating...what a joke. The cigar taste like dirt, aroma is not good (hard to describe), the wrapper is a dull dark brown which is not what I look for in a Maduro and the burn is aveage to poor. I wish I had only bought 5 instead of a box of 25. Maybe few months in my humidor will improve their taste and if not I will throw them away. I will never buy anything else made by Saint Luis Rey...these series G were a total waste of my money!
tommys in Fort Smith November 1, 2009
Saint Luis Rey Serie G No. 6
"My favorite right now. Great cigar to relax with."
Nice flavor and aroma. A lot of people seem to have trouble with the draw, but knowing how to cut a cigar is extremely important. Attentiveness to other aspects of lighting and smoking a cigar have to be taken into consideration also. Once you get these things down and taken into sequence theres very few cigars you won't be able to enjoy. This is a good cigar!!!!
Farris C. in Arizona October 14, 2009
Saint Luis Rey Serie G No. 6
"My favorite. The best."
Very nice cigar. I tend to gravitate towards the 60 ring size, and I have found that this is the best, worth the money.
Marshall V. in California July 20, 2009
St Luis Rey Serie G Churchill
"Best of best for this guage and maduro line"
On This blend/line and gauge, this is my favorite maduro. Excellent cigar. WOW Very tasty, you wouldn't think it is a full flavor,it is more like a medium. Give it a try. If you do not like it i will buy yours of of you.
K Doty in Tulsa May 11, 2009
Saint Luis Rey Serie G Belicoso
"The Best and my Personal Favorite Maduro."
Want to know what my Favorite Maduro CIgar is. This Saint Luis Rey Serie G. Is my Favorite Blend /Line of Cigar for a Maduro Folks. This is the Ultimate Maduro in My opinion, So if you like the best of the best in Maduro Cigars, this is it.
K Doty in Tulsa Oklahoma May 11, 2009
St Luis Rey Serie G Rothchilde
"Better than GREAT"
Im very fussy when it comese to cigars, but i went to J&R cigar store and the clerk said to try St. Luis Rey series G Rothchilde and it was fantastic, the burn was great, full flavor and not over powering. it was one of the best cigars i smoked in a long time, try it you will be glad you did.
Steve in New York April 11, 2009
Saint Luis Rey Serie G Belicoso
"We have a winner"
Looks great. The construction and burn are second to none. And the flavor is PERFECT, with a nice spicy finish!! I LOVE THIS CIGAR!!!
Paul in Longview August 28, 2008
Saint Luis Rey Serie G Belicoso
"The Perfect Cigar!!!"
I must admit that I have found a cigar better than anything I have ever smoked. It is tough to say that I have found a cigar that I will rate higher than my Punch. The St. Luis Rey G Belicoso is without a doubt the best smoke of my life. I honestly cannot believe how wonderful these Maduros are. Whether you buy these or not is none of my concern. My only purpose in this writing is to share my discovery with you and to recommend a truly one-of-a-kind smoking experience.
Dave in Kentucky May 5, 2008
St Luis Rey Serie G Rothchilde
"Great Smoke"
This is one of the best sticks I ever had. Great construction and draw. Nice white ash. Wapper is dark oily and tasty. Same taste from beginning to end.
Nick in Scranton, PA October 27, 2007
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