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I read your comments, we say they are stunned, some have even written that are horrible, nn add anything else, I just say that these sticks Hondurans are full-bodied, spicy smoked in the middle ... always open to the taste and especially the smoked me and seemed pleasantly warm and harmonious, it will that you must smoke a cigar with peace in your heart .. I judge this cigar really good. frank
frank in varese March 8, 2014
"Saint Luis Rey Titan - Great Cigar"
The Saint Luis Rey Cigars are excellent for the price. Much more could be listed for them. For those of you who deem them nasty and other negative comments, well, you obviously have never smoked a wide variety of sticks. This ex-special forces sergeant highly endorses them. Enough said!
Don in Mechanicville, NY December 30, 2010
"Love them !"
Very nice smoke for the price.
Scott L. in Clinton Co. Pa. September 22, 2010
In my 6 yrs. of smoking cigars have I tasted such a nasty, bitter, dry, poorly constructed cigar. I don't like to be negative but I have no choice I have to be honest. I got 2 of these in a sampler from Famous. Famous should consider removing them cause they don't belong in the company of a Perdomo lot 23 or a Crainos.
Lee in Philadelphia, Pa. June 5, 2010
"No wonder they are so bad..."
I recently purchased a box... These were not the Saint Luis Rey Titan's I remember, I smoke these frequently, in fact, half of my box of cigars were constructed very bad. I did some research and found out that many other people have had the same problem. It could be that maybe they are being constructed under new management or a new factory. I'm not quite sure but I wouldn't purchase this unless you see it physically to make sure its constructed well enough to smoke.
Andrew Lee in New York October 24, 2007
"An alright cigar"
This cigar was decent. It had a good construction, and the taste was a little spicy. It is not worth the price they are asking, you can probably get a better deal with a Diablo cigar.
Smith in Little Rock, Arkansas October 23, 2007
"A disgrace to cigar smokers."
Do not be fooled, this cigar is not good. I'd rather buy a pack of Caridad's than these. Bland taste, poor burn, flaky construction, the list continues.
John in Carlsbad, California October 23, 2007
"This cigar was slightly disappointing..."
I was highly anticipating my arrival of the Saint Luis Rey Titans. I was expecting it to be very high quality considering the price, but to my dismay, it was the exact opposite. After the first half of the cigar, the taste was somewhat spicy, but for the most part, a let down. I had heard this was a decent cigar but I guess its just not for me. The cigars construction is arguably very good, and it burns alright. I don't know why the customer reviews are so low, but they are low on other cigar websites as well. I will definitely not waste my humidor space on these mellow and bland tasting cigars, however I will give them away at the golf course, they look expensive, but don't be fooled, not all expensive looking/priced cigars are good.
Mica Mefflin in Chicago October 23, 2007
I just tried another cigar after having a few and it was bad. The taste is pretty plain, it lacks flavor. The burn is horrible, and you will need to relight it like 12 times in a single smoke, the smoke is not worth the ordeal of having to tend to it over and over. Don't be surprised when you open a box and find numerous cigars literally un-use able, in my pack of 25, I had roughly 7 cigars that weren't even constructed well enough to smoke. This is not my first Saint Luis Rey, but it will be my last.
Mike in Canada October 23, 2007
"Horrible cigar"
This cigar was surprisingly bad. The taste was plain and inconsistent. The construction was horrible, cigar literally crumbled in my hands. Either I got a batch of bad cigars, which is highly unlikely considering that I tried 4, or they just aren't a good cigar.
Justin in Vista, California October 23, 2007
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