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Saint Luis Rey Toro Reviews [view details]

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"Good Cigar"
This is a good cigar for the price. However it does has its flaws. Very inconsistent draw is most frustrating. Flavor and burn are nice and consistent.
John in Western PA April 2, 2014
"WAS Incredible ... what happened??"
Saint Luis Rey Toro Maduro was my fav cigar for the last 2 years. The best value, perfect flavor, lasted, draw was great ... on and on. However, the last few months the cigar has changed. Before, it was one in ten not good, nine great. Now, it's three bad for every one good. They burn bad, draw bad, plus they can be terribly bitter. I'm furious. I use to crave the toro maduro, now I fear it. What happen? If I catch a good one, it's still great. But is it worth wasting 12 bucks to find one good smoke? Not for long.
J. S. in Texas May 14, 2009
"yall musta got bad ones cuz mine was GREAT!"
not sure why so many are so down on this cigar! Just dont get it. burned well, nice ash, spicy, fresh taste, long burn, consistent flavor, good price, built well, no runs, no flakes...highly enjoyable without a doubt. Hey, not every 'gar can be a montecristo, geesh....a+
Baba Eleggua in NY March 10, 2008
"worst drawing cigar i ever smoked"
usually smoke rothchilde maduros, but they were out at the store, so i bought these. im sorry but i could never get past how hard they were to smoke. smoked all but one of the box and they were all the same.
fx daley in philadelphia November 15, 2007
"Great cigar"
I throughly enjoyed this cigar. Great draw and great taste. The only problem I have had is they are never in stock.
Mike in Nashville October 17, 2007
I've smoked these before, and thought they were good, but this box is awful: spongy construction, wrappers that blister when lit, and a total unwillingness to stay lit. I thought a few months in the humidor would do them some good, but not so. I'll never order these again!
Pat in Spokane, WA October 2, 2007
"Saint Luis Rey Cidars"
I love the Saint Luis Rey Dark Cigar from the frist time that I tried them. That is all I smoke, and I feel the same for the Serie G Dark. I give the Saint Luis Rey a 9.9
Manuel Rivera in MA July 12, 2007
"Good, medium-body smoke at a good price"
This is based on 2 Toros. Nice wrapper/construction, burned well, a medium bodied smoke, a bit milder than I expected, but a decent smoke at a reasonable price. Not a deep, complex flavor but pretty darn good.
Pete C in Bristol, CT March 14, 2006
"Everyday, consistently a good cigar."
Been smoking cigars regularly (1 per day) for 5 or so years. I have rarely purchased a brand more than twice, just to try something new. St. Luis Rey is now a regular purchase. Great tasting and enjoyable smoke.
Vance Barnes in West Bend WI August 12, 2005
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10 Burn (79) 100
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10 Consistency (83) 100
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10 Draw (76) 100
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10 Appearance (91) 100
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10 Taste (91) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (86) 100
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