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San Cristobal Reviews

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San Cristobal Clasico
"One of my Faves"
I really enjoy this cigar. It burns great and tastes even better. I picked up hints of citrus which was really cool. I got a box in March, had a couple of them after a couple of weeks of rest and just had one about a week ago and it was spectacular.
Eric in CA September 26, 2010
San Cristobal Francisco
"What a waste of 8.50"
What a worthless tasting cigar!! This cigar was like smoking dirt and mud. I am very displeased with this smoke. Don't waste your money on these buy some Fuentes you can't go wrong there!
Chief in MI September 5, 2010
San Cristobal Monumento
"Certain to become one of your favorite Churchills"
A well made cigar, it opens with nice espresso and earthy notes. The peaked 'cuban' style cap cuts just enough to allow a great draw and for the strong tastes to come through. The first 'third' of this Churchill has subtle hints of dark chocolate through stronger tastes of espresso and nut. The second picks up more woody notes, keeping the espresso and chocolate and steps up slightly in intensity. The last 'third' has more cedar and nut but keeps the espresso, losing the chocolate. The most impressive part about this full-bodied smoke is the consistent draw and burn, allowing a long ash, and an even longer finish. This is certainly one of my favorite 45 minute to hour-long smokes. ?The price is well worth it, and the time spent, even more so.
Christopher in Greenwood, IN. April 25, 2010
San Cristobal Fabuloso
"one of the best"
A truly great cigar,with creamy nutty flavors.A little uneven burn but still one of the best!!!
mark in alabama September 13, 2009
San Cristobal Clasico
"Has to be one of the best or best of its blend"
Excellent tasting puro style cigar. Has to be one of the best or best of its blend period. Very good taste, you could not tell it is a full flavor it is that good. Very aromatic and consistent blend and the construction is great!! You should try one, like myself i ended up buying several till my box order arrives.
K Doty in Tulsa Oklahoma April 2, 2009
San Cristobal Assortment
"Great smoke"
Tryed assortment and it will definilty not be last, rich smoke and great taste, nice even pull and burn. Very much worth the price.
George in TEXAS January 24, 2009
San Cristobal Clasico
"this is one fine smoke"
at first release months back,bought a box at very low cost somewhere? finally realized they were top notch and prices go way up, may have been a blunder on that seller, but yes its full body ,yet great tast,dont fill you up,,,buy em er dat good,good.yum,yum,
jeff in so, ca December 29, 2008
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