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San Lotano Oval Maduro Reviews

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San Lotano Oval Maduro Toro
"New Favorite"
I have gravitated from mild and medium cigars to full bodied smokes over the years and this one finalizes the transition. Fantastic taste and construction. And I love the oval box press....makes for great handling and fit in the mouth.
S. L. Gray in Vincennes, IN December 23, 2014
San Lotano Oval Maduro Toro
"almost excellent"
could be tighter packed but otherwise terrific. one thing. the box and packaging are like well made furniture which has to cost a lot. why not go old school like my padron 4000s with it s adequate cedar box and super simple single band? the cigars would be a lot less expensive or they could add several to the box or maybe another leaf of filler to tighten the construction. the box for my toros, although impressive, cannot be smoked. also, i think old school may be the way to go in marketing. a.j. - catch the wave! simple band, simple box, will the the future of cigar marketing.
Mark in Madison wi May 5, 2014
San Lotano Oval Maduro Toro
"One of the best I ve ever smoked"
Bought one of these at a local store just because I was looking for something new. One of the best Cigars start to finish I ve smokes in 30 years
Dave SIlkin in Southampton NY February 13, 2014
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