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Sancho Panza Reviews

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Sancho Panza Valiente
"Lacking in flavor and burning too fast"
While the construction was excellent, this had almost no flavor, other than some faint leather, cardboard, and nuts on the second third. It was drying on the palate and burned way too fast -- the entire stick lasted for only 20 minutes to the band, after which it got harsh. 82 points
Stefan in City by the Bay April 26, 2014
Sancho Panza Matador (10)
"Great for a Short Smoke"
I highly recommend these cigarillos! Great for the price, excellent taste and aroma. Solid construction and burns great.
Justin in California March 20, 2014
Sancho Panza Glorioso
"Disappointed" Bought these cigars based on the rating. Cigars looks and smell good. Only 9 cigars was good, 11 others burn very bad, draw was VERY tight. Had to puff every 10 seconds or burn it again. Extremely disappointed.
George in Northridge, Ca September 13, 2013
Sancho Panza Valiente
As with other reviews, construction was good, appearance was good. However, draw and consistency are mixed and they are a touch on the flavorless side. I have received these as part of samplers so perhaps that could be part of the reason. I guess for the money they aren t horrible, but I won t go out of my way to get these.
Boozer in Raleigh NC June 5, 2013
Sancho Panza Matador (10)
"The best cigar"
Amazing smell, amazing taste, slow burn and great quality.
Lexi in Chicago July 27, 2012
Sancho Panza Valiente
"Good consistant everyday cigar"
This was a gift from some friends and i am definitely grateful for it. This is a solid smoke with a little bit of spice and an occasional sweetness. Solid burn and draw with a good oil wrapper feel and at a great price.
Jorian in Orlando, FL July 16, 2012
Sancho Panza Valiente
"No Flavor. Very disappointing"
I received this cigar in a sampler and took it for a spin. First the good points. I was very impressed with this cigar's construction. The construction was excellent and it did burn very evenly. The draw was solid as well. Bad part.....there was no flavor. It was damn near flavorless. Very disappointing. I would pass this up even if you receive it in a sampler.
Adam in Buffalo, NY October 7, 2011
Sancho Panza Valiente
Got mine in a sampler. Perfect draw for a nice enjoyable slow smoke. Tried to burn a little uneven but I slowed down and everything was just fine then. I enjoyed the flavor of the cigar chew very much. Will add a box soon when I have room.
mark H September 8, 2011
Sancho Panza Valiente
"Smokes like a Cuban!"
I received two of these in a sampler pack, and I'll likely be buying more. I agree with the fellow who said these taste like a Cuban. I checked the prices on these. Unbelievably low! The draw was excellent, the taste smooth, slightly sweet, slightly woodsy, just like the Cubans I've had. I don't if others have had bad sticks, or what. I've only had one of the two from the sampler, but based on this one smoke, I'd buy an entire box of these!
Rob in Maryland May 3, 2011
Sancho Panza Dulcinea
"Best Bargain Brand I've tried"
Don't let the reasonable price fool you. This cigar is about as good as a medium strength cigar gets. Good and complex flavors. Always good construction. Llaneza hit this one out of the park.
Danno in Southeast February 19, 2011
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