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Sancho Panza Reviews

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Sancho Panza Caballero
"Very good quality Honduran for the money"
Mt favorite size is the Caballero. Not too big; not too small. Nice construction, excellent draw and very consistent medium body smoke for not very many pesos.
Ken in Valdosta, GA January 24, 2011
Sancho Panza Caballero
"My goto Cigar"
This is my go to Cigar if I'm not sure what to grab I grab this one. It has a nice cedar note and is a consistent easy smoke. Please tell them to stop lacquering the inside of the box NOT a good idea I move the cigars to another box as soon as I get them in.
Jeff W in Tulsa OK. August 27, 2010
Sancho Panza Caballero
"((( Uneventful )))"
The Sancho Panza Caballero is a chocolate brown colored cigar ,that is slightly box pressed. The burn is somewhat jagged, and the ash is loose. This lonsdale burns with slight notes of wood and spice in the nose, but leaves notes of green grass, and hay lingering on the pallet. Approximate burn time for this cigar is 60 minuets. On a scale of 1 to10, I'd rate this cigar 4
Robb in Michigan July 11, 2010
Sancho Panza Matador (10)
"Nice slow burn, GREAT taste"
Nice slow burn, GREAT taste
A.Sain in Chickasha,OK April 5, 2009
Sancho Panza Dulcinea
"A great smoke!"
This was my introduction in the world of better cigars, an excellent start for anyone wanting to explore finer cigars. I see now that its not the most complex taste but is surely a great smoke for the price. I have had a couple that did not draw so well, maybe 2 out of 30 Ive smoked, but overall these are great. The flavor is great, well constructed, great appearance and will be a regular for me. Nice Cigar Sancho!
Wesley S. in Paso Robles, California March 20, 2009
Sancho Panza Caballero
"great smoke"
smooth, even burn, very good taste, not harsh, easy on the throat. ready to try extra fuertes and double maduros!
carl in parrish florida January 24, 2009
Sancho Panza Valiente
I've had a few of these in sampler packs...glad I didn't buy a whole box...well constructed..just didn't like the taste..
Charlie in Richmond,VA December 29, 2008
Sancho Panza Valiente
"Too good to be true"
Always on the look out for an inexpensive answer to my expensive tastes, I'm rarely fortunate enough to find a cheap smoke that I enjoy. This Sancho Panza is the rare exception. No, it's not going to compete with the Padron 1926, or the Rocky Patel Old World Reserve, but for a sub-$3 stick, all I can say is...Are you kidding me? This baby rocks....excellent construction, and perfect draw with a flavor profile similar to a Padron 3000?? Like I said, I've got spoiled taste buds lately, smoking some seriously good, and seriously pricey cigars, so it's not easy to impress me. Hail Sancho Panza. A really enjoyable cigar at a really enjoyable price. Doesn't happen very often, so give Sancho a try.
Ray in Austin Texas October 29, 2008
Sancho Panza Dulcinea
"Well made and taste great!"
I bought a box of these from you awhile ago(about a year) and I have to say that Ive had a hard time finding a better cigar for the price. Ive had ZERO problems with them. Very well made, great draw, and they taste fantastic. Thanks for giving us the best deals on the web!! T.S Johnson
TS Johnson in NY October 27, 2008
Sancho Panza Dulcinea
"Great Cigar"
Great cigar, great construction, awesome taste. The burn is a little fast, but everything else is phenomenal, and at under 3 bucks a cigar, you cant beat it.
Steve in Michigan July 26, 2008
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