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Sancho Panza Reviews

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Sancho Panza Valiente
"Superb Construction"
A bit mild for my taste but the construction is without flaw. Perfect draw & burn!
Al Movement in Knoxville June 27, 2008
Sancho Panza Caballero
"Great Smoke at a Great price!"
Even burn, Good Draw, Nice Aroma!
Sean H. in San Pedro, CA April 20, 2008
Sancho Panza Dulcinea
These are really wonderful. If you like the double maduros, you'll love these. I bought two at a B&M and was so excited I couldn't wait to get more. Have won some more now at auction on here, and have yet to be let down. They draw great - tons of smoke - and I love the flavor. Just had to comment. I've had many smokes of all types and price ranges. This is definitely one I love, regardless of the price.
RTS in Wyoming January 10, 2008
Sancho Panza Valiente
"Odd draw and taste"
oddly enough mine also were slightly blocked but this has only happened with this size also there was an unrecognisable taste that was a bit offputting - I will give the Valiente a miss next time? all other sizes have always been superb
Creekend in UK October 28, 2007
Sancho Panza Caballero
"Good Looking, Tastee Cigar"
Lit one right out the 5-pack package, little hard to draw, didn't stay lit too well, but good taste. Like most cigars, they seem to need a week or two in the Humi to burn right. I don't know if it's just the type of cigars I buy or what, but they seem to taste the best right out of the box or package, not after weeks in the humidor. So Sancho gets a 9 from me.
Steve in Topeka Kansas October 11, 2007
Sancho Panza Caballero
"great cigar but the laquered box stinks"
At first the smell of the laquer/wood stain was overpowering and I expected the cigars to be ruined. They weren't however, but remained in a humidor for months just in case. These smoke as well as the Cubans did and never dissapoint.Price isnt a problem with me, but these are so cheap my Siamese cat could smoke them too.
Roy R in CreekEnd , UK September 15, 2007
Sancho Panza Glorioso
"Amazing flavor and aroma"
WOW! This is the cigar I had been looking for. It's rich, full and mellow with incredible flavor and aroma. I've tried dozens in this price range but this tops even the more pricey cigars that are out there. I have no desire to try another cigar. This is now my staple. Thank you SP for making this exact cigar. Do not cahnge a thing!!!!!!
Eric in Michigan August 8, 2007
Sancho Panza Matador (10)
"Tastes great and doesn't stink"
This cigar tastes great though not that fabulous but it burns consistenly. What I like about it is that it doesn't stink like previous brands I've bought (Monte Cristo, Romeo y Julieta and Habanitos by Don Lino). The other brands left a stench on my clothes for a while. Matador doesn't.
Eric in Michigan August 8, 2007 May 2, 2007
Sancho Panza Dulcinea
"A Welcome Surprise"
I bought this stick as part of a sampler (because I like to try things) and found a real gem amongst them. I'm buying a box this time - I really enjoyed this smoke. Creamy, smooth, light flavor of chocolate and honey, well constructed with an excellent draw and strong finish.
Keith in California April 4, 2007
Sancho Panza Caballero
"This one got me started smoking cigars."
Smooth and delicious, these got me hooked on good cigars. I always keep a box on hand for friends and when I want a lighter smoke. They are a simple smoke without the spice of stronger cigars, but are so delicious that I smoke them down to the nub. BUT...the box they come in stinks of polyurethane and I recommend taking the cigars out ASAP. The cigars are wrapped in cello and this saves them from contamination. Plus, the cigars improve greatly after a few months in the humidor.
Artie in Los Angeles March 30, 2007
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