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Sancho Panza Double Maduro La Mancha Reviews [view details]

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"Best Bang For Your Buck...Period"
This is one of the best daily smokes you will find in this price range. A great smoke from start to finish. Great rich maduro flavor. This is the one that sparked my interest in cigars. Don't bother with a 5 pack, you'll just end up waiting for the next box to arrive...ENJOY!!!
One Putt in Mo. December 26, 2008
"Wow what a deal!"
Great taste, great price. This is going to be my every day smoke. As good as El Rico Habano at a 1/3 of the price. I'm sure glad that I came across these.
Roger in Orlando December 17, 2008
"Rich tasting stick"
My favourite strong cigar. Well constructed and very smooth smoking, but beware, it is very full bodied!
Peter in Queensland Australia November 22, 2008
"Sancho is a great cigar"
One of my favorite Maduros. Corona is a great size if you don't have a lot of time to spend. Great taste.
Indios in Northern Virginia September 3, 2008
"Pretty tasty"
Very good full flavored cigar, it did burn pretty hot though towards the last 1/4 of the cigar. Overall a great full flavored cigar with a great draw, and also great tasting.
Steve in Michigan May 31, 2008
"I'm surprised"
I admit, I bought this on a whim, the price was good, it looked nice. Good size for me, good smell. Honestly, I'm picky about my maduros. I had a small construction problem when I cut the end of mine. It unraveled a bit (and yes I know how to properly cut a cigar) The thing that got me was that it didn't continue to unravel..not even a little. Most cigars just start to fall apart if the wrapper has peeled off a bit. This one was fine until the last 1/3..then it started to come apart. I don't care however, because this is how I like my cigars to taste. The chocolate/cocoa, towards the middle I even got a hint of sweet black licorice (and I hate black licorice, but this was nice) Towards the end, I even detected a creamy/buttery flavor. That complimented the chocolate flavor VERY WELL. The draw was perfect for me. Overall this cigar stayed interesting...not boring at all. I love it, and I didn't expect much out of it from the start. It shocked me how good it was. Hope you have the same experience.
Justin in East TN April 15, 2008
"If you like Onyx Reserve, this is your next cigar."
I tried a box of the La Manchas and found them to be the best Maduro cigar I've ever smoked. In a small ring-gauge they are quite satisfying, as much as an Onyx Reserve in a Robusto. No harshness whatsoever at any point, and plenty of delightful smoke. This is one to keep on hand, and offer to good friends when they visit.
Creek Wallace in Northern Virginia February 21, 2008
"Just tried my first one, ready for my 2nd for sure"
What a terriffic cigar, I want them all
PDuquette in IN September 14, 2007
"Very Delightful Smoke"
Love this smoke, consistent burn, delicious! love every thing about this smoke, only thing is the end cap does not like to be chewed or lipped it will come off when it gets wet, other then that the appearence and draw added to its wonder tast, and price makes it an excelent choice for an any time smoke!
John M Cascone in Kansas City, Mo. September 14, 2006
"Not quite full bodied, but decent."
My first double Maduro was a bit of a dissapointment, but I think it was more me than the smoke. When I took the time to enjoy the next one, I found it to be less than full bodied, but flavorful. The burn and draw were both good. While it is not my favorite maduro, I am glad I gave it a second chance.
Mike Hilbert in IA January 19, 2006
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10 Construction (88) 100
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