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Sancho Panza Double Maduro La Mancha Reviews [view details]

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"Plain yard gar tobacco"
Plain yard gar tobacco Warm dry medium tobacco with a bitter after taste, same all the way thru. Glad I didn t pay more them $2.50 a piece
Dan in Cally May 30, 2013
Great bang for the buck for maduro lovers. Go ahead and smoke them a lot, relax.
Doug in Arkansas November 2, 2012
"Great smoke, even better value!"
This cigar is excellent! Very flavorful without being overpowering. The smoke and flavor is creamy, with a great aroma. Fantastic cigar that I always smoke down to the nub. The reasonable price makes it even better!
NK in Texas November 22, 2011
"My "Go to cigar"."
I consider this cigar to be the best bargain in the business. The maduro wrapper and binder combine to make an excellent medium to full body smoke. Classic Black tobacco taste with a hint of caramel. One of the best out of the former Villazon factory in Honduras. Often the caps come loose but I do not mind too much.
Larry Walls in Detroit September 28, 2011
"Rico, Suave !"
Rich and smooth,well constructed and nice flavor. These babies are nice. Crooked burn is the only thing I don't like besides getting to the end of it.
Paul Suffridge in Norman, OK April 30, 2011
Fantastic smoke - Escudero's little, spicier brother. Very savory, not as hugs a commitment of time as the Escudero - tons of smoke, great ash retention. extraordinary value - enjoy!
Gar Guy in USA February 15, 2011
"If Full Favor Is Your Taste"
If full- favor is your taste, you'll just love these dark lovely. These were my first for a double-maduro,believe me they'll be on my list for a purchase every month. The burn is even, the taste is " what one expects when one smokes a full favor puros ", the appearance is what one expects out of a Cuban cigar- In short " Buy these ".
robin in Euclid, Ohio February 25, 2010
"Best for the money (in any price range)"
The Sancho Panza is the one smoke I rely on month in and month out for regular smoking pleasure. I find them to be very tasty, well constructed and consistent. I have seen others mention the problem with the cap and I've seen the same issue, but they smoke just as well without the cap as with it. A little tight on the draw but with clouds of delicious smoke to compensate, I believe that nothing else on the market competes as a combination of value and great taste.
Randy in Denver January 11, 2010
"good bang for your buck"
nice cigar
bob in michigan May 29, 2009
Everything you want in a good everyday cigar. Great draw and burn along with a yummy taste at a really good price.
Roger in Orlando January 19, 2009
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10 Taste (91) 100
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10 Construction (88) 100
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