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Sancho Panza Double Maduro Quixote Reviews [view details]

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I wasn't to sure about these when i bought a box. upon arrival i lite 1 up right out of the box. man oh man this is a good one. i just wonder what a couple of months in the humidor will do.
mike w in lusby Md March 17, 2009
"Mixed review"
Well first off it's a good cigar for the money. My favorites are the Partegas Black and Casa Torano Maduro and Camacho Triple Maduro but they are just too expensive if you smoke 4 or 5 a day. While this cigar does not rank even close to any of those, as a 2 dollar stick it is smokable. It starts out with very little taste for the first third then builds to a pretty decent maduro toastieness in the middle. It builds in flavor for the last half to about a mild medium flavored smoke and ends just a bit bitter. But it's cheap and overall smokable as a cheap everyday alternative.
Bikero in Upstate NY February 26, 2009
Is it any surprise this cigar is as good in taste as some of the more expensive Padrons(Estelo Padron is involved with this cigar)? The real surprise is how good they are at the price.At one buck eighty per Quixote per box price,this has got to be the best deal on the maduro cigar smokers planet. The ONLY fault I can find is that the burn is not as good as the Padron or Trinidad...Yeah,for my money I can live with that and quite well,thank-you very much! If you like maduros,good maduros,if you like Padrons and Trini's,ya just gotta give Sancho a nod. I do not think for the money spent that you will be seriously disappointed.
Edw.A.Roth in Michigan December 20, 2008
"Awesome. Great Smoke"
great smoke for the money!
Joe in New York December 15, 2008
"beautifully done, best maduro ever"
this , by far, should sum up a maduro to the avid smoker and the rookie....always a goto always a treat, i contantly have a box on hand for myslef and friends...and at price point...a perfect dream
EnaZ in B'ham alabama December 1, 2008
"This cigar can't be beat"
This is a wonderful tasting cigar.
Mike in Spring Texas July 23, 2008
"This is my always reliable "go to" cigar"
I always like to buy a few of anything in onesies & twosies before committing to a box purchase. Fortunately, I found some Sancho Panza Quixotes at a cigar shop a few miles out of town, which has since become my regular stogie stop. I've now smoked maybe 50 or 60 of these & have found them to be consistently flavorful, well constructed & they go great with decent single malt scotch whiskey! I've paid a LOT more for a lot LESS! Since I can't afford to smoke Perdomo Habanas all the time... the Sancho Panza Quixotes have become my daily "go to" cigar.
Richard in Milwaukee, Wisconsin May 3, 2008
"occasional cigar smoker"
I bought one just to try a darker cigar and left it in my small humidor for about 4 months or so (during the time it did get a little over humidified but nothing over 74-75*). when i finally got a chance to smoke it the smell of the cigar before it was lit had mellowed a lot. the oily feel that the cigar had originally had lessened to a more tolerable feel for smoking (out of the wrapper it feels very oily and leaves a noticeable feel of oil on your hands from just touching the stick). when i finally came around to smoking this cigar i had smoked a few other cigars that day but most of the other ones were lighter and even milder. the first thing i noticed when i lit up this cigar was the creamy/smooth/sweeter flavor compared to any other cigar i had ever gotten to try. it was very windy out but the aroma it gave off was much sweeter than other cigars as well. this is the first brand of cigar i have gone back and bought more than 1 or 2 of a stick (just accidentally bout a different size because i forgot to note which size i had before i smoked it but i expect good results from the ones i am not aging). totally recommend this cigar.
Matt in April 16, 2008
"Lousy burning but delicious tasting"
This cigar burns relatively hot and canoes some from the beginning, however it's one of the best tasting blends on the market, problem is with the construction which 4 out of 5 will canoe or havesome hot spots appear below the burn. The blend has various notes of mocha and nutmeg as well is evident within the complexity of the smoke, the aroma is wonderful, only downfall is the poor construction which is evident in virtually every size of this make cigar. expect a delicious tasting cigar that will command your attention as well require some work to keep it lit and burning smoothely, you may need to cut and restart the cigar to get a quality smoking time from it, the finish is a bit harsh but filled with maduro flavour although the finish will burn your tongue it burns so hot so be careful trying to enjoy the finish of this cigar. it would be a gem if it wasnt so poorly constructed, ive tried 4 different sizes and they all burn bout the same, they all canoe from the start and all have a bouquet of tastiness to them, just poorly made. Bundled cigars coming from this same factory or horrifically constructed as well, they kinda suck at craftsmanship as this cigar will display terrible craftsmanship in virtually every cigar, however, its sad because the cigar itself packs some tastiness to it, but dont be fooled, its poorly constructed.
thebaby981 in Louisiana March 6, 2008
"My faverate of the non-Dominican cigars"
THE best cigar for the money, good flavor, burns well, rolled tight. I perfer the Maduro wrappers. I would rate this cigar above any Montecresto, second only to the Onyx.
Bobby in Carrollton, Ga. October 21, 2007
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