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Sancho Panza Double Maduro Quixote Reviews [view details]

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"Incredible!!!!! A Must smoke cigar!!!!"
I absolutely love this cigar. Even burn, smooth draw and the smoke will enlighten your senses. Just the right hint of cocoa. The best thing about these gems is the price. They could easily go for three times the price. My suggestion is a minimum of three weeks in your humidor. I have had mine stowed away for almost six weeks. I smoked one last night and was in heaven. The longer they are in the humidor, the better they are. I am ordering another box as soon as I finish this review. You can't go wrong with these cigars. My new favorite smoke!
Chad in Oklahoma August 30, 2007
"Simple and Robust"
For the price of these cigars you think that they will only be so-so... Wrong!! These are simply stunning smokes. Beautiful dark and oily wrapper. Starts off fairly mild, and quickly builds with full and rich taste. Burns pretty well throughout... Holding them in the Humi for about three months is very hard because of how good they are out of the box, but well worth resisting temptation!! This is one of the best Maduros available at any price!!
Mark in Upstate NY March 9, 2007
"$1.90 each as box purchase"
I was very happy with this smoke, my guess is the one I got was well aged and I did not have any burn issues at all. Very meaty cigar and at under $2 each (box price) I had to get a box. I will let them sit a couple months before I dig in.
Vince in Cincinnati February 10, 2007
"My go-to Smoke."
I tend to enjoy these Quixote's around mid-day and for the price I can enjoy one nearly every day. Keep in mind, these smokes are not top-notch right out of the box. They need a few months of rest in the humidor to really become excellent. I haven't found a more consistent smoke from cigar to cigar, in this price range, yet. If you only have a half an hour and you want the same great maduro taste of a premium cigar, give these Quixotes a try. You won't be sorry.
Sean in Chattanooga, Tn December 28, 2006
"Great Stick, Unbelievable low price"
Sancho Panza has a winner on their hands. I smoked a couple and Wow you have to try this cigar and the price you are stealing this one.
Anthony in MD December 12, 2006
"damn good"
finally got my cigars and lit one up and to my suprise it was an enjoyable and tasty experience,to all those who would like to try a maduro this is one to try,not harsh,good flavor,nice draw and they are only getting better as they age
chuck bennett in west virginia December 5, 2006
"Not subtle,"
I love these pups. Full flavored to start with and peppery to end with. Just the perfect size for this blend/wrapper too. They hold my interest from begining to end every time. Hours after smoking one I still have a taste/smell that has me longing for another one. Construction is OK except that when you cut the cap the wrapper can frey a bit. Draw is about to my liking. These may not be my absolute favorite, but like a Coke, they are a staple and they now have a permanent home in my hummidor.
Kaptain Kyle in Seattle, WA November 26, 2006
Quite possibly the best $2 cigar on earth.
Mark in Hicktown, MI October 14, 2006
"...but wait! There's more"
Please don't buy a box of these (Cervantes) and light one up right away - if you do - a lot of the negative comments on this page will ring true. Nice looking smoke, but bitter, un-complex, nothing to write home about, sometimes they have that ammonia thing going on, if they're new. Stored correctly for 6 months & more these change character more than most. They never turn super-powerful, but they become a mild to medium maduro treat - very smooth, with toasty, leathery, coffee-y things going on. + 6 months and they turn into a real steal. Based on smoking 40 of these cigars over 18 months.
Hugo in Pacific NorthWest January 20, 2006
"Great stick for the money"
Great everyday smoke. Cant beat 'em for the price.Smoke volume was nice, taste nice,,, what else can you ask for. Dont expect a Ghurka or a Torano, but hey, other than that, Load me up !
Scott V in Valrico, Fl January 14, 2006
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