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Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte Barcelona Reviews [view details]

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"Fuerte = spicy"
Finally tried this after letting it rest for almost three months in the humidor: red pepper and cocoa powder -- this pretty much sums up the one-dimensional flavor profile. The pepper is strong on the nose during the first half, while the cocoa powder notes come through when the burn becomes cool, and also somewhat on the aftertaste. The wrapper is very sturdy, but it feels a little rough on the lips. Burned slightly uneven, which seems to be common with most of the Sancho Panzas. I expected an extra nicotine kick but it turns out the extra fuerte designation refers to the extra spicy flavor. Burned for about 45 minutes. While this has a better construction, I actually prefer the flavor of the Double Maduro Quixote. 87 points
Stefan in City by the Bay February 21, 2014
"WOW ! Perfect ..."
Slow burn, full body flavor, perfect construction, great taste! I highly recommend this cigar.. Give it 2-3 month, and you ll love it!!
Raz in Israel October 31, 2013
"A Great Cigar"
These are no nonsence great cigars. Let them sit for about 2 months in your humidor and they will become as good as anything on the market. Hightly recommended!
Adrian C. in Champlain, NY August 8, 2013
"Exellent Smoke Great Taste"
Very Good slow Burning Cigar with a Great Taste Very enjoyable Smoke
Wilfredo in New York September 23, 2012
"Excellent full-flavor great burn"
Very enjoyable everyday cigar. Very good burn, great flavor, and impeccably constructed.
Howard Brown in Seattle, WA August 9, 2011
"Excellent smoke and taste great"
I enjoy the full body flavor and consider this one of my favorites
Bob W. in Lake Mary, Florida November 10, 2008
"Good, not great smoke"
Smoked a box of these last summer and six months later I can't say I remember these as spectacular smokes. Then again I don't remember any quality issues either. Mild to Medium well made cheap smoke would be my rating.
Rudee in Lake Geneva, WI February 15, 2008
A wonderful medium bodied cigar. Surprisingly mellow considering the sun-grown wrapper. Hints of cedar, and bread. Nicely rounded flavours throughought, never bitter or too strong. Very nice box-press. Very nice reddish-brown wrapper. Burned cool, and even, with a light grey ash. I'd give it a solid 8.5 out of 10. Oh, and the price is great. Won 5 pack at auction for 11 bucks-not too shabby.
Mike in Salinas, Ca October 7, 2005
"Flavor Country: Population YOU"
The powerhouse or gentle flavors that these bad boys gives you made them my new "regulars". I'm a young smoker, but have quite a few sticks under my belt, and this was just an all around great smoke.
Ian "Tex" in Fort Worth, TX March 24, 2005
"Smooth, but no punch"
An enjoyable smoke with a very slow burn (I had one last for 1 1/2 hours). Good tobacco aroma, but not enough 'extra' for me. Also, difficult to keep lit.
JP in Columbus, MS February 10, 2005
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10 Taste (92) 100
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10 Construction (91) 100
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