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Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte Cordoba Reviews [view details]

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"age and smoke gently"
This is a great cigar for the price. I have smoked several boxes and have not had a bad one. Very consistent construction and flavor. They are better if left in the humidor for several weeks. Also, they are strong and are best if smoked slowly. The first inch can be harsh, but they smooth out nicely. They can be somewhat one dimensional, but it is a good one dimension. They have a rich, earthy, wine-like flavor, and a great Cuban-like aroma. Definitely worth a try. Recommended
Bill C. in min Maryland July 25, 2010
"Extra Fuerte es muy fuerte!"
I've tried the Double Maduro and the Extra Fuerte and prefer the Double Maduro any day. This Extra Fuerte smoke is actually too fuerte for my tastes!
Uncle Brian in Mexifornia August 21, 2008
"Ok cigar"
This cigar had a great draw and a very even burn. The taste was very peppery and harsh at times. THIS IS A FULL CIGAR, it gave me a huge buzz after smoking for a while this was very strong. It was an ok cigar, good for the price, but nothing exceptional.
Steve in Michigan July 1, 2008
"The best every day smoke on the market"
This needs to be in everyones humidor.For the price (don't mind giving one to a buddy)its the best full body on the market.
fredinmtairy in Georgia June 13, 2008
"Good Buy"
I won a 5 pk. on auction, I was curious how they stacked up against the very tasty Dbl. Maduro's. The first two were very pleasent (great draw, taste, tons of smoke..). But then the third..I cut the head and noticed something, a GI-normous STEM! I then picked some more and found two more. I have two of these smokes left and I'm hoping I don't get a repeat of that. It smoked, but nowhere near that of the first two. Sancho Panza is a great lineup regaurdless of price, then factor it in..You can't go wrong.
Jamie in Central Point, Oregon April 22, 2007
"A worthy smoke indeed!!"
I found the Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte Cordoba to be a little rough starting out ( wasn't sure if I wanted to finish it ), but getting about a third of the way through it,I notice the flavor stated becoming much more smooth, by half-way through I found the flavor to be very robust, yet smooth, and found myself smoking it down to the ring. I would reccomend this cigar after steak or red meat meal.
Mat in Chino Valley, AZ December 22, 2006
"Only for the experienced smoker"
This cigar is very attractive: nice box-pressed construction, good fuerte color. The burn is well above average for cigars in this price range. I have only had a few relights, and those can probably be attributed to some slow smoking on my part. This cigar is much more powerful than it looks. The taste is dominately "tobacco." It does have a nice, full smoke with lots of flavor, but there is a strong, spicy taste of fuerte tobacco that will immediately turn-off most inexperienced smokers (and many experience smokers that like mild cigars). If you like full-bodied, and you liked the general taste of cigar tobacco without all that frilly vanilla-mint-cherry stuff, this is definately a cigar for you. All of my experienced smoker friends have loved it, while my less-experienced ones have typically quit half-way through. Highly recommended as a strong cigar to keep in your humidor.
HavanaSanta in Alabama August 9, 2006
WILLIAM L. O in GLENDALE, CA. November 8, 2005
"almost want to keep it to myself!"
-For my "credentials" see my ramon allones review- Anyone who appreciates high quality, CONSISTANCY, and a (almost want to keep it to myself) value so monsterous, that telling people is dangerous! (law of supply and demand) A friend turned me on to these - he is somewhat new to cigars, but has an educated palette; and has suprised me on several occasions with his discoveries. These WONDERFULLY consistant smokes captured my attention because, basically, I favor Dominicans; my honduran appreciation is somewhat limited due to the fact that a full bodied cigar is best reserved for after having a heavy meal (big T-bone, prime rib, Italian food etc) which balances with the meal. My first choice in this regard would ordinarily be a Hoya de Monterey Excalibur #1 but these Sancho Panzas are simply undervalued; I dread the day when, through recognition, the demand is such that they will be a bargain at ---- near twice what the going rate is at present. I'm not sure that the Cordobas are the exact ones, but the description, size, and ring are close. All I know is they are going to shake up some mighty big Honduran competitors in the next few years.
glenn d c in reno nv October 10, 2005
"Outstanding Cigar!"
A truly outstanding cigar that reminds me of the Cuban Partagas Petit Coronas. So many of the "full" bodied cigars begin great and then drop their strength or become harsh half way down. Not this one. It changes strength from full to medium bodied and then picks back up full bodied toward the end. But best of all it offers a true cascade of flavors throughout.
stockscalper in February 23, 2005
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