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Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte Madrid Reviews [view details]

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I love every cigar Senor Estello Padron creates.These are some of the best!
Jim in Alabama May 8, 2012
"Great for price"
Right off the truck with only a couple hours in the humi with cello off to adjust itself, this cigar was pretty good. The burn was horribly uneven, probably due to humidity not being correct yet. Taste was spicy at first, then mellowed out during the second third to medium bodied. As I say, the burn was very uneven, and towards the beginning of the last 1/3, the cigar went out and I tossed it. Taste and smell was great though. Draw a bit tight. lLoks great, good construction and even shading with a slightly box-pressed look to these nicely priced robustos. 80-85 overall I'd say. Will smoke again (I bought a box haha). Will probably even out burn wise in a couple weeks then I'd give this cigar a solid 90.
cade in oklahoma December 8, 2010
"Excellent cigar and awesome price."
This cigar out performs national and higher priced named brands big time.Sancho Panza has truly out done themselves with cigar. if you like sun grown and want all the flavor with out breaking the bank, you really should try this..This cigar is in both my humidors and back stocked like my AB Maxx and Nording"s in My Local Tobacconist smoke shop locker by the boxes..
K Doty in Tulsa Oklahoma March 27, 2009
"Great smoke often times the draw is to tightThe"
I like this cigar in all shapes and sizes. The only down side is the draw and it is often times to tight to enjoy. The price helps offset the problem. The madrid is my favorite and few cigars compare to it.
jim in Vancouver Wa August 2, 2008
"very nice cigar!!!!"
I tried one of these out of a sampler box , now i've not been smokin gars all that long but I really enjoyed this one.
P. Duquette in Avon,IN December 24, 2007
"Extra Fuerte Extra Delicious"
This handmade Honduran stick, with an emphasis on the extra fuerte, is named for the character in Don Quixote, the novel written by Spanish author Don Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra in 1602. Sancho is the original “sidekick” found in much of today’s literature, and serves as the symbol of practicality in contrast to Quixote’s idealism. Sancho, representative of everyman, only late in the novel comes to share his master’s delusional enchantment, yet he remains his ever-faithful companion realist throughout the text. Made with a long filler blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran leaves and wrapped in a reddish Honduran-grown Cuban seed wrapper, this is a bold smoke from start to finish. Like its namesake, its rich, peppery flavor serves well as an after dinner smoke or as a sidekick to your morning cup of coffee — indeed, it served well as my muse during a recent Sunday morning writing session. A word of advice on snipping the sharply tapered head: be sure to snip a large section or you will be left with a very tight draw. For the seasoned smoker.
J. Conrad Guest in Northville, Michigan December 20, 2007
"Wonderful !"
I won a 5 pack of these in an auction very fine cigar , with a rich tobacco flavor, excellent burn and draw, not over powering at all, good to the last inch, have had 2 of them so far right out of the package, no humidor time at all, a very good any time cigar.
J Cascone in MO December 30, 2006
"What a stogie!"
I'm usually not into the bigger ring sizes just because I like the way the smaller ones smoke. However, I picked up a Sancho Panza 4 sampler box, and I cracked out this big Extra Fuerte Madrid. The burn and consistency on this baby was amazing, totally even the whole time. The flavors were blissful at times, revealing a creamy, thick, rich smoke, with a nutty/mocha hint sometimes. I believe that Sancho Panza is my new favorite brand. I recently bought a box of the SP Caballeros and wow! Every cigar has been absolutely great!! Botton line, any Sancho Panza is well worth your money.
T. Ringley in Bristol October 5, 2006
"Fabulous full bodied, perfectly constructed stick."
Just had my first sample from the box I just bought and I must say I was very impressed. They have a wonderful silky red wrapper. I can't say enough about the wrapper. When you're drawing on it it feels like you are kissing a piece of satin. Prelight draw and flavor were excellent. After lighting, the draw, burn and flavor were incredible. Flavors ranged from cedar to leather with hints of anise and cinnamon. Ash was tight and light gray and held for atleast 2 inches. Started to get a little harsh toward the last third, but a month or two in the humidor will fix that. This seems to be fairly common with Sancho Panzas from my experience. I would not hesitate to recommend these. You cannot find a better cigar for the price.
Sean in Prior Lake, MN July 22, 2005
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10 Construction (91) 100
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