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Eve in Milwaukee November 15, 2012
"Curiosity, Bleh"
You really get what you pay for with these little cigars. As Jay stated, cigarettes are getting too expensive. Price increases have led me to explore my options which lead me to these. They are packed very tightly,= making them hard to draw from. Also they smell and taste awful. Took the time to dissect one, all was good but the smell of the tobacco. Oddly enough and no joking here, the tobacco smelled like a petting zoo. If you are desperate and cheap these are for you. If you have taste and are looking to enjoy your smoking experience buy another product.
Adam in North Central Ohio May 12, 2012
"For girls too!"
Yes, I'm a girl and prefer these to my expensive 100's cigarettes. Taste comparable, burn slow, last longer, great light smell in the air, and I smoke less!
Mitzi in Kansas September 17, 2011
"Great Smoke"
Great smoke. Switched over to these from regular cigarettes, I inhale them just the same and there's really no difference. Cigarettes just getting too expensive.
Jay in San Diego September 6, 2010
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