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Sao Paolo Humidor Reviews [view details]

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"Decent Humidor"
Brought this humidor for my wife last spring and she totally enjoys it. She keeps around 35-40 cigars at all times with no problem with the humidor keeping them properly maintained. Planning on buying another one for the holidays.
Victor G. in Chesapeake, VA November 6, 2012
"Decent for 1st Humidor"
I bought this humidor as my first venture into keeping cigars for longer than I could smoke them, and am pleased with it. However, after about 3 months the adhesive holding the hygrometer and humidifier has let loose (not a big deal, I have replaced them anyway). One problem I have however is that the lid does not have a good seal, and I will need to use some type of sealant to keep my super-dry climate from requiring me to refill the humidifier every week. Otherwise, if you catch this on sale, with some minor alterations it is a great box (and it looks great too)!
Joel in New Mexico November 1, 2012
"Ok, but others just as good for less"
This is a nice humidor, looks good on my desk, but a couple things make it not really worth the money. The humidifier and hygrometer are a waste. Took my box to a local cigar store to get a true humidity check and an accurate hygrometer. This box also took me nearly two weeks of following the seasoning process to finally get it to hold humidity to preserve my cigars.
Bill S in Texas September 2, 2010
"Good for the money"
I purchased this as my first humidor. It is very well constructed and is holding perfect humidity. The only issue I have had was keeping the humidifier to stay on. The adhesive on the back is shotty. I fixed that by using some removable adhesive putty and now its perfect. I don't know if this was just mine or if it is a common issue. For the money it is a solid purchase.
Doug in Pittsburgh August 3, 2010
I have 2 of these and they hold together wonderfully! Keeps constant humidity, the lid fits snug, it's just a wonderful little humidor, I have a larger more expensive one that doesn't hold the humidity in as well as this one does. It's really just a great humidor.
B in Alabama November 23, 2009