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Schizo Reviews

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Schizo Toro
"Definitely Smokes Like A Boutique Brand"
Had my first of these from a local tonight. NOW, it's on to buying my first bundle. My experience with cut-filler sticks is that they tend to be consistent, both in flavor, draw and burn, throughout. I didn't find marked change every third. What I got was a nice bouquet of creaminess, peppery spice and enough other nuances there to make me smile. I'm a big fan of Drew Estate like NR, LP, Muwat, HE, etc. So, I really enjoyed the value in this cigar. NO burn issues, effortless draw, and clouds of smoke the whole time. I would've taken it down to the nub if it hadn't gotten so cold outside! Definitely worth the exploration. My only gripe is that they don t offer them in smaller vitolas.
Victor in Phoenix, AZ January 14, 2015
Schizo Sixty
"Good Cigar with the strange Artwork"
Though I tend to shy away from such fat cigars, I have smoked smaller Schizos before and this one did not disappoint. Band artwork aside, this is a good bargain priced stick for experienced smokers who know a good value with a consistent flavor throughout that I happen to really like. Draw and burn are above average. Construction could have been a little better because I had an unwrap upon clipping the end but I just kept the band on and this was not an issue and it could have been caused by the cigar not fitting into my cutter properly. A great bargain priced brand that makes a regular rotation in my humidor.
Charles in Oldsmar, Florida September 5, 2014
Schizo Toro
"Worth twice the price"
This cigar is a cuban sandwich , which means it incorporates both short and long filler. I am pleasantly surprised with this cigar. It is better than expected. The wrapper appears to be high quality - clean, smooth, evenly colored. These cigars smell rich. The roll looks a bit uneven, and it feels spongy. Some of the cigar bands are loose and slide off very easily. Cutting the cigar is effortless. The first inch of burn was a bit uneven, but the ash is very light gray and holds well. The taste started out sweet for most of the first 1/3, with some indistinguishable flavors. The taste changed somewhat randomly in the 2/3. It became bitter and varnishy, then turned into a musky, throaty, woodsy flavor. Some of the short filler tobacco fell out of the head. It was not much, only about a thimble-full. Towards the end of the 2/3 into the final 3/3, the cigar again changed, this time into a creamy musky flavor. The burn for the entire 2/3-3/3 was very even and did not require touch-ups. The ash was very light gray and the wrapper ash had very little cracking. These cigars live up to their name, Schizo ... they re all over the place. I m going to buy a mazo of these and age them. I have a very strong feeling that they are going to sing loudly in about 6 months.
Jim B in Galloway, NJ August 14, 2014
Schizo Toro
"Decent Gar for the Money"
In the land of lower cost cigars the Schizo represents quite well. Had to make 1 burn correction about a quarter of the way in but nothing major. Very well made in appearance/construction for a stick at this price point with consistent flavor. Burned a tad hotter than some but that could have been this particular cigar. Excellent draw. I would for sure purchase one of these again.
Charles in Oldsmar, Florida August 7, 2014
Schizo Sixty
"Art work as bad as cigar"
First off the art work on this cigar gives you a bad taste in your mouth before you start I later found out the whole line looks this bad .its not very good . But not that bad just plain
Rob in Staten Island n.y July 4, 2014
Schizo Sixty
"Nothing special"
Good burn, good draw. Almost no taste, no aroma. Will not buy again. Minor wrapper issues.
Ruben in Yerevan, Armenia May 7, 2014
Schizo 70x7
"Good, but inconsistent."
A lot of cigar for the money, but keep your cigar repair kit handy. Inconsistent taste and construction.
Ruben in Yerevan, Armenia May 7, 2014 April 13, 2014
Schizo Robusto
"Schizo 7x70 winner"
After reading the last review he must have been in therapy to write such a raunchy review.. Like all cigars, everyone in a case or bundle is not going to be perfect! You must have gotten the lemon ! This cigar from the moment I lit it I knew it was a keeper! What I like is the 70 ring gauge! After toasting the end, and taking the first puff to fully light it there is a solid burn. The draw is smooth. Although it is a 70 gauge it is hard to take a deep drag. I was a little concerned about a short filler but it still seemed to burn for 50-75 min before I put it out and NEVER had to re-light it. This is an everyday cigar and the looks I get from folks is WOW !! What a cigar ! Ya buddy! Biggest cigar I have seen! And it s worth the few dollars in every aspect ! Dont let the cheeezy band fool ya! Buy a bundle and see for yourself !!
Dan T December 21, 2013
Schizo Sixty
"Surprisingly good"
Surprisingly good for the price point. Mild and not very complex but nothing right out wrong about it, and with excellent burn. With all its faults, I still prefer the Torano Loyal though, for a little more money.
Stefan in City by the Bay November 10, 2013
Schizo Sixty
"Monster Smoke"
Nice burn and lots of good smoke. A great cigar for the money. This monster cigar lasted an entire football game!!!
Andrew in fairport,ny September 14, 2013
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